Fuala is a local chocolate company which has cultivated delicious taste handmade chocolate since it was opened in 2002, to the elegance of the presentation of the chocolates. Fuala chocolate brands distinguish themselves from the others from the creativity and the differences in the manufacturing process. The employees at Faula are highly professional. Fuala provides training courses and takes occasionally invites chefs from all over the globe to train and improve the skills of the staff.  Faula has constantly achieved perfection in the provision of its customers with excellent quality and favoured chocolates. Apart from chocolates Fuala also makes other products such as cookies, cakes, dried fruit and other occasioned Fuala gifts. Fuala is a name obtained from the nights of incredible eras distinguished from the original hospitality.

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Global chocolate company supplies a wide variety of Belgian chocolates in various forms, such as covertures and compound varieties. Global chocolate company supplies chocolates to the processing industries located in South Africa and the other neighbouring countries. It is associated with the top chocolatiers, confectioners and bakeries in different regions. The products of speciality include hazelnut praline paste, corporate chocolate gift and novelty chocolates. The range of speciality chocolates including handcrafted edible chocolate and others of various decorations. The corporate hand crafted chocolate gifts are crafted to fit the themes and the creativity of the organization.

Both companies are specialized in food products, particularly chocolate. They also both have different designs of chocolates that are handmade. The difference between the two chocolate candy companies is that one of them is international and supplies the chocolates to different parts, while the other one is local. There are also differences in the range of products produced by both companies.

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