The IT department is one of the most vital components of the organization that holds the backbone of success of the organization. The position of the IT department currently lags behind in terms of usability and reliability. Pervasive computing is a requirement that is user-based and integrates efficiency with affordability. For this reason, MeadWestvaco Corp has the obligation to implement changes in the IT department to strengthen its backbone for stability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction of the ever-growing market for computing platforms and e-commerce practice. By accessing the link between data processing, handling of requests per minute, and measuring the amount of possible traffic; strategic planning for IT architecture would have to be upgraded through the installation of mainframe; computers are capable servers that would reflect the requirements of the customers as well as take care of applications that coordinate the e-business practice. For MeadWestvaco Corp, digitalization in marketing strategies would have to integrate fast, reliable, safe, and easy-to-use application that deliver data to the customer in respect to cloud and pervasive computing (Xhafa & Bessis, 2011).

Strategic Planning for Telecommunication changes

Telecommunications go beyond the normal routine of sending and receiving signals back and forth a remote area. It integrates the usage of the system, its reliability and flexibility. The usage of the telecommunication is mainly in form of calling, sending messages, e-mailing, sending and receiving of data messages, and monitoring the stock market. For this reason, the strategic planning for telecommunication changes has to put up integrated systems that have the capabilities to serve in place of one another if malfunctioning occurs with one. Certain systems can be the telephones, the internet, and networked systems linked with automatic satellites so that the cover of one can reinstate failure or slowing of another system. The benefit of integrating systems for MeadWestvaco Corp. is to transform the face of conducting business by avoiding the challenges of system breakdown and vandalism by ruthless rivals (Chao, Chang & Bellavista, 2010).

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Strategic Planning for System Security changes

System Security changes are some of the activities in the IT firms or business that are mostly unsafe. As security models are verified and one chosen in the end, the security provided by that particular model is mostly likely to be breached, if strategic planning is not resulted to. The reason for this is that IT departments rush to implement security models that appear better than the rest, while ignoring the fact that they have the potential of having loopholes that can be used by an attacker to launch attacks to the organization. As of the case of MeadWestvaco Corp., a strategic security planning would put the risk of open platforms out by ensuring that the system is covered in terms of stability and resistance from external malicious activities.

Strategic Planning for System user-friendliness and usability changes

The idea of cloud and pervasive computing is to increase the user experience by promoting speed and flexibility to the system. For this reason, the system changes, especially in the IT architecture, should be tailored to allow flexibility in terms of user connectivity, ease of finding and placing information on the system, and guarantee that the desired need will be served efficiently and within a considerable timeframe. For MeadWestvaco, strategic planning for System user-friendliness and usability will draw more customers to use the e-business strategy while in marketing; partners may desire to place ads in the system, considering the ease of use. In the long last, the business motives of the organization will be achieved by addressing an entirely different aspect.

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