Malls are never uncommon in my country.  If you turn right, you will meet one. Once you turn left, you will meet another of different sort. It has become more like mushrooms in the acreage of a country whose lightning of economic surge is almost not containable. Its proliferation has accelerated more than ever usual to cogitate or even to predict. Because people nowadays are more wallowed in the mud of easy and hasty lifestyle, the primitive ways of recreation done by going to the outskirts of town or to the outlandishly far and quiet mountainous trail have now been replaced by more accessible malls. Nevertheless, even on its own yard, malls also compete with each other; trying to surpass each and every offerings to its prospective customers.  For this reason, the rapid emergence of the newest and the grandest malls retrofitted and innovated is just very evident everywhere in my country and even to the rest of the world.

Recently, a new shopping mall was erected in the heart of our city. The mall is named NEX. It epitomizes a “camel in Iceland” as it looks so outrageously big and unique than you could ever imagine. It has an architectural pattern that is a mixture of medieval and modern artistic genius manifested by some four gigantic rectangular blocks interconnected by colorful arcades of semi-circle arches made of platinum. You will also be stunned by the towering glasses of the entrance doors which are installed with heat sensors allowing it to automatically open when a shopper tends to come in. What’s even more pleasant about this mall is the service crew.  As you enter the mall, you will be cordially welcomed by pleasant ladies with smiles that would almost complete your day. Unlike most of the malls in the city, this mall has manifold shops and boutiques you couldn’t find on some other malls in the city. It has also the largest skating rink of all the malls in the country.

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Oh! I am hungry! Well, that’s not a problem. NEX has hundreds of food shops, fast foods and restaurants. All of these food shops cater every tongue of every nationality. There are Spanish food shops, Greek food shops, Chinese food shops, American food shops and a lot more! You can never ask for more. And while you are eating at one of these shops, you can enjoy the mobs of people rushing through the alley where bargained products are displayed. Well, shopping at NEX does not really mean you have to carry a large bag to hide your bundled dollars. Ironically, despite its prestigious look and its resounding aplomb, the services and products it offers are really affordable making it a budget-friendly mall which is somewhat inconsistent with other malls.

If you are a movie addict, you may want to resort to NEX’s 3D Animated Cinema. Movies such as Captain America, Harry Potter and other Hollywood top-grossing film can now be seen on a whole new level on a state-of-the-art cinema at NEX. What’s different about the cinema in NEX is that it has a huge dimension. You can think of it as an opera house or a concert hall maybe.

Indeed, while the economic augmentation in our country is incrementing so as the fascination of people for malls like NEX. And the constant craving for better and satisfactory experience is somehow boundless. NEX’s advent as a premier shopping mall in the country is a great example of bringing artistic amelioration and introducing an inter-chronological presentation that suggests clues of what’s more to come.  

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