Achieving successful acquisitions entail high profile strategies. Establishment of a modern and practical team of directors to take over the handling of the acquisition should be considered as the key-most strategy. Processes of supervising and monitoring acquisitions can be carried out in a more effective way to “supercharge the android”. The rate of the acquisitions productivity, service quality, and product management depend on the new formed authority.

            Communication and negotiations are essentials in the new enterprise. Communication between Google and Motorola should be smooth and uninterrupted to optimize the dealing operation, and synchronize the growth of the acquisition.  Information relevant to the growth of the acquisition should be formally and informally conveyed to the body, and create a network of personal relationship between the Motorola and Google companies. This ensures proper effectiveness of the acquisition. Negotiations between and the shareholders of the Motorola Company should be effected immediately in order to spell out the offers at stake and the importance of the acquisition to them.

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            Profitability that emerges from the acquisition should be stated and maintained by Google and Motorola, creating a positive program arising from the acquisition. Technicalities, technology and branding of the new acquisition can be done and achieved separately to identify gains raised independently. Therefore, it becomes easy to assess profits made during each financial year and devise appropriate methods of improving the acquisition.

            Inclusion of potential bridge-players in the acquisition should be mooted to provide necessary external support. The rate of the acquisitions productivity, quality of service and product and management of its international competition depend on newly formed authorities. Their incorporation should be fitted in the establishment of a new organizational culture of the acquisition that will supervise the eventual achievement of the acquisition.

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