As a marketing manager, I have keenly studied the market and its position today. Hiring me to work for you will improve the company massively. Marketing opportunities has increased in numbers, as new marketing opportunities present themselves. It is therefore of paramount importance for companies to keep up with the trends.

I would like to recommend the marvellous work that each company does. The upstate New York real has limited itself to the use of information technology which in turn, it can be seen as a hanging fruit (Spada, 2009). The company needs to use social networks to ensure that they reach a wide range of the market and are at an advantage in comparison with their competitors. The company also needs to upgrade their system where those that are employed can easily access mortgages and the employer agrees to pay the company, before presenting the bonuses to the employee.

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Deutsch advertising firm has to do a lot in order to overcome competition. It may be viewed as a home run firm but, it can rise above the limitation. Many advertising companies ironically do not take time to advertise their services (Hameroff & Gardner, 1998). This firm can also go public by getting involved with charitable activities. In this way, it will be getting a positive name and people will want to be associated with them. They should also hire the best and most qualified; motivate its workers by giving them rewards and bonuses for a job well done.

The coca cola company is a perfect example of a single company, whose secretive ingredients of product production were recently exposed publicly. As a result, the company needs to revise its product so as to remain on top. They should patent their ideas (Bryant, 1999) so that they are not photocopied and also be on the lookout for people tastes and preferences.

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