Nintendo Company is clearly analyzed by this paper. It states the year it was founded, and its founder. A close analysis of the Corporation growth since its conception in 1889 to the year 2012 is given. Major developments made by the company have been given, and its lead against its competitors in the gaming market has been identified. This paper has also looked into details the major gaming’s that have been made by the company and the improvements that have been awarded to the games to increase the sales and keep them on top of the industry.

It is difficult for one to conceptualize on the subject matter of the essay at first sight since the title of the paper has not been given. The thesis has drawn the readers’ attention as a result of well capturing phrases used by the author. It has given a plain introduction of the subject and a good description rather than a mere summary. Not only that Nintendo Company has shaped the gaming industry but it has also contributed to a set of standards for the other company which is fundamental. However, the author could have shown more competence by including the information about the founder of the company in the introductory paragraph.                                                                                                                     

Despite the fact that Nintendo Corporation is not known to many individuals that it was established before the invention of the television, the author has been in position to capture the audience very well. The author has enough details concerning the founder and the family business ownership succession to its members. However, the author should have mentioned the criteria through which its successors were selected.

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 The development of Corporations and improvement of its products has been thoroughly mentioned. The production year of certain games and their release to the market has been dealt with correctly. Consoles clear description which sets standards is very essential since it gives the reader a chance to visualize what is being discussed thus becomes more involved in the review. After the release of Nintendo’s first transferable gaming system and the Game Boy, the sales realize helps the reader to appreciate the success the company gains with its new products.  

Nintendo DS is important when dealing with, particularly the sequential change of the company’s’ product from the portable game boy to the recent and the advanced touch screen. It is also a clear indicator showing ways in which the author   has provide important and adequate information of the development of the corporation. Then the author gives out a clear description of how the company improved the NSE in terms of the memory color and rather sleeker shape of the present SNES. This is usually recorded seven years after the release of the NSE thus showing effective utilization of the important information. It is such improvements that have kept Nintendo Corporation on the lead in the gaming industry.

 It is important to note that Nintendo Company does not come up with a gaming system and leaves it at that without making improvements or advancing in their technology. The author has captured this well by giving the information bit by bit of the major changes and advancing technology with the improvements made on the systems. The author has identified the Nintendo Wii as their latest trending consoles. The author has also captured how Nintendo has improved this gaming system to the extent that it uses a wireless remote control which hits a sensor and thus the process creates a mimicking character on the screen. The author only points out there are many varieties of games but he does not mention extensively on the various varieties of those games.

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