The Research in Motion Company (RIM) is closely analyzed by this paper. This company was apparently founded in Canada despite the great impact it has on the American phones market. This paper clearly shows the major effects that the company has brought to the phones industry and its contributions. RIM has been ahead of its competitors by far particularly in the development of the Smartphone or the Personal Digital Assistance (PDA). The main product that entirely changed the fate of RIM to complete success above its competitors is the blackberry. The major reason to the impact of the blackberry is due to its adoption by many people and the numerous companies which adopted it as working gadget. Additionally RIM records earning contracts of supplying the blackberry to several companies and more particular the American military. It has led to the increase of corporate productivity and economic growth through its advanced products that effectively promote communication and on the same note telecommuting.

The thesis statement is properly captured by the author especially in mentioning the specific year of the company’s conception and the country where it was founded. Despite the author mentioning the success of RIM in America rather than its country of origin, it could have been more appropriate to mention the reasons behind its success in a different country. Moreover the author should have clearly given an explanation of the policies and principles that RIM adopted to penetrate into the American market and run ahead of its competitors.

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The author captures the reader’s attention by introducing the beneficial impacts that the Blackberry has brought tot the American economy. However, the author should have given deeper explanations on the various sectors that have improved economically particularly due to the introduction of the Blackberry into the market. The author should have given some recorded data or information concerning the percentage economic growth that has been realized from the efficiency provided by the Blackberry.

According to the author, the phone technology has also brought some negative effects. This is very important to the reader as they can asses the credibility and competence of the author in her research into the topic being analyzed. Some of these negative effects have been discussed clearly and include damaged interpersonal skills, reduced happiness, reduced success in personal life, and reduced individual’s free time.

In an attempt to give ultimate satisfaction to the reader and the general public at large, the author finalizes by identifying the failures of RIM. The major failure is its focus in satisfying the needs of its major contractors while neglecting the need to keep up with the tough completion. This has given room for its competitors to overtake it and thus a possible threat of even taking up RIM’s contracts. This according to the author might be the heavy downfall of a giant in the phone technology. 

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