Business Transformation of Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website. Its founder is Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook in the year 2004. The main purpose or idea behind the creation of Facebook was to provide a place where people can socialize and create a network. Facebook has transformed itself into entertaining, socializing, networking gaming, trading, educating, advertising and researching website. It is an excellent source for people of various ages to spend some time connecting to people living within and outside their countries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Essay Sample

Contents include video files, pictures, gaming options, marketplace to sell and buy products, personal walls along with personal messaging options, chat option, pages of different companies, places, people, activities, different applications, status updates sections, notes, events, people search options, books and advertisements.

Facebook is one of those sites which are extensively used worldwide. Currently, most of the Facebook users come from the United States, Indonesia, India, the United Kingdom and Turkey (Advertising on Facebook, n.d).

The countries which are the fastest growing Facebook users are Brazil, India, Canada and Mexico. The most visited or liked page is Texas Hold’em Poker. The most liked brand pages are Coca Cola, Disney and Star bucks. YouTube videos can be shared by the users of Facebook, and it shows friends an option to like the shared videos. Russia and Japan spend the most on advertising with Facebook (Facebook, 2011).

The social effect of networking website such as Facebook is positive. People of different age groups use Facebook as a platform to play games, talk to families or to share their personal and family pictures or videos. This is making the world smaller and society more interactive. It not only provides plenty of opportunities for young kids to play interactive games, but also provide them access to numerous books and educational contents. The search option helps people getting connected to the lost ones.

Social Networking Essay Conclusion

Advertisements at Facebook help in generating revenue and work as a sales call even when target customers are chilling out and are not at work. Facebook has become so popular that it is even used by the celebrities to interact with their fans worldwide. So the overall impact is positive in the society. However, the over usage of Facebook, nudity related pages and personal information access were creating problems, but now with strict personal policies and options, Facebook has become safer and reliable. The overall positive impact on the society outweighs minor negativities by a huge margin.

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