Parker Earth Moving Company can use Enterprise resource planning software (EPR) in improving the operations of the company. This software integrates all departments and functions in the entire company into a single system that can serve the needs of different departments. This single software program serves the need of people in human resource, finance, production, warehouse and other departments within the company. Various departments in the company have their own system optimized for the ways that every department performs its work.  EPR software combines all these systems into a single, integrated software program which runs off a single database. This enables all departments in the company to share information and improve communication between them. This integrated approach can make the company's operations more effective and efficient, and it can also save time.

In many companies, when a customer submits an order, it circulates in different departments for it to be keyed in the computer systems of various departments. This causes delays, lost orders, and the keying into different systems can cause errors. Enterprise resource planning software (EPR) can address this problem by integrating all the system into a single integrated software program. This program helps people from different departments to share information without physical movement; this saves on time and improves performance.

Parker Earth Moving Company can also use websites in improving customer service. The company website provides customers with an opportunity to access information about the company, and make enquiries about company’s products and services. The use of E-mail can also play a significant role in improving the customer service in the company. Through E-mail, the company can quickly respond to certain needs and held requests from clients. The company can also use social networks such as Face book and twitter in improving communication between it and the clients. Through these social networks, customers can ask questions and share their views. All these tools facilitate the company’s marketing strategy. Additionally, the company can use customer relationship management software which is a sophisticated tool for data gathering. This program would help the company in managing customer relationships.

Despite the benefits associated with the introduction of new technology in the company, some problems may arise in the company, for example, some staff may be opposed to the application of the new technology in the company. Old- time department heads and staff can oppose the introduction of new technology arguing that they have successfully executed their tasks using present way of doing things; hence they see no need to change. Incase Parker Earth Moving Company decide to use new technology, such people must be educated on how to execute their tasks using the new technology.

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