My place of business is a fashion designer house and my work description places me at the management position for operations and order clearances. Down the chain are director of sales and designer manager. The nature of this business neither allows pre-designing for assumed future-fashion-design orders, nor does it allow modifications of existing designs to meet a new order criterion. Details are crucial when it comes to the needs of clients and ensuring their satisfaction includes adhering to a set of business operation codes. These codes are usually made from scratch to observe a client’s taste, preference and level of urgency. The codes can also be defined as the business strategy towards a better and promising future.

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In making the codes work properly for a business, a full swing at one of the management and planning tools of policy deployment is taken. The tool used in making these governing codes of the business is the Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC). There several risks that can be certain or uncertain which have to be addressed before they can happen. When an order is accepted from a client, there is a specific time frame to be observed. In a designer fashion house, there are several designers but a majority of these major in different designing tasks. Chances are a designer may not be able to deliver his assignment within the agreed time frame due to unavoidable reasons.

With the above situation in play, PDPC is used to identify the consequential impact of failure on the designing activities. The risk of losing one client due to neglect in one area of operation could be costly in the long-run. The application of PDPC creates appropriate contingency plans to limit chances of failure. By addressing all the parties involved in the chain of production to the due date of delivery; all what can go wrong, consequence or effect, and possible countermeasures are taken care of. These tools are similar to the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) because they both address risks, consequences and countermeasures.


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