To          : Employees

From      : Human Relations Manager

Subject   : Work Schedule

The management decided to come up with the following changes in work schedules.

This decision has been taken for the better provision of services and better working conditions for all the staff of the company, coupled with the need to combat the rising gas prices and save money on store operations. The Stores will from now henceforth be closed on Sundays. On Monday through Saturday the stores will be opened an hour later and close an hour earlier.

Full-time employees, managers included, will work for 10 hour days a week. Part-time employees will consolidate their hours in 1, 2 or 3 day work weeks. This will be subject to how many hours they will be scheduled to work (Shirley, 1997).

All employees are called upon to make adjustments so as to get in tune with these developments. Any inconvenience caused is highly regretted.

To          : Retailer Customers

From      : Human Relations Manager

Subject   : Change in operational time

Date        : 22nd October 2010

To our esteemed Customers, We would like to thank you for all the cooperation that you have given the company all the time long that it has existed. Indeed we have you in mind even in adjusting our operations since it's because of you that the company and the business exists.

This is to notify you that the Service Provision will be slightly changed as from now in bid to make the operations of the business better.

Our Stores will be opened an hour later and closed an hour earlier than the usual time. Customers are therefore advised to try and fit within the new time limitations. The store will be closed on Sundays (Shirley, 2004).

We would like to make it clear that no stores are being closed down and no new ones are being opened contrary to misinformation by a few members of staff. In the past we've heard of complaints concerning the service quality provided by some of our employees yet it has not been done formerly. In view of this we highly advise that you use the contact bellow for feedback mechanism

For further clarification on the above changes please visit our office or call us on the No 002-334-566-678. You can also E-mail:

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Don't wait until tomorrow!

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Human Relations Manager

The Public Relations Manager,

Schererville Street., Woodvale Groove

Schererville Street., Woodvale Groove


This is to inform you that the management has decided to make changes on the schedule of work that affects your area of operation and those of the rest of the company. This is with intent to combat rising gas prices.

The changes concerning your working hours are that you will be required to work for 10 hours in a week. In order to work well with other staff we find it important to in form you that the stores will be opened an hour later than the usual time and closed an hour earlier (Kurt, 2003).

The company looks forward to you as the top policy implementers especially in the stores department as the key engineers to effecting these changes. We highly look forward to your cooperation in getting in with the new developments and even facilitate the implementation of these new developments.

Human Relations Manager

Given the importance of communication, writing the above communications must consider various factors that have been mentioned at the top of this paper.

Considering the audience, the seniority of the Stores managers dictates that they are written letters. This is due to the importance they bare even in the effecting of the new changes. They therefore have to be fed with all the necessary changes so that they can start from the frontline in making adjustments (Fink, 2003).

In considering the various options available, it would be easier to send the other workers with E-mails since it's faster and cheaper. The members of the public can only be reached through an open form of communication as their contacts are not available.

The communication to the public has to deal with all the outstanding issues concerning the company and the main topic of discussion. Any issue that has come up and has not been clarified yet is related to the topic in one way or the other must be dealt with. The language used is formal and yet simple to ensure that the message is actually well understood by all the three audiences.

The access to employee's contacts necessitated the use of e-mails to distribute the information on new developments. This is also cheaper given the large number of the junior employees.

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