SCR Case studies

There are many case studies you can study from including the following;

Case study 1: The Home Depot

Giving back to communities

Prepared for: Interdepartmental Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Final Home Depot case study



Case study 2: Intelcase study India 


Case study 3: Nike case study


Case study 4: Eicher motors, India


Questions  and answers

A1. How important is CSR to your business overall?



2. Opinion on various aspects of CSR

CSR 1 (5) strongly agree

SCR2 (4) agree

SCR3 (5) strongly agree

SCR4 (1) strongly disagree

SCR5 (2) Disagree

SCR6 (3) neither agree nor disagree

SCR7 (1) strongly disagree

SCR8 (2) Disagree

SCR9 (4) agree

SCR10 (6) strongly agree

SCR11 (4) agree

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SCR12 (3) neither agree nor disagree

SCR13 (2) Disagree

SCR14 (4) agree

SCR15 (1) strongly disagree

SCR16 (1) strongly disagree

SCR17 (3) neither agree nor disagree

SCR18 (2) Disagree

SCR19 (5) strongly agree

SCR20 (4) agree

SCR21 (2) Disagree

SCR22 (4) agree



Company demographics

3A1 the number that loosely reflects the size of your business (by number of employees

(3) 301-500 Employees


3A2 the number that describes the duration of the business

(4) 8-10 Employees


3A3 number that represents the status of profitability of the business

(4) Profit is growing


3A4 your age group

(1) Under 25


3A5 level of education

(4) Tertiary or post secondary (13-16 years of schooling)


3A6 the number that reflects your work experience

 (1) Below 5 years

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