Crime rates in Jacksonville constitute two instances in order to illustrate a clear distinction between violent and property crimes that are evident in the town. Jacksonville crime rates reported a higher index in assault cases, violent crimes of 4718 in the total population of 809,891 significantly 0.0583 percentage in rate of a hundred thousand (Index Crime Rate .n.d.). Secondly, was robbery with violence in Jacksonville that stood at 2,940 of the entire population of 809,891, this represented a percentage of 0.0363 rate per hundred thousand thus it was one of the most common cases of violence that took place. Thirdly, came in rape cases came in among the violent crime cases in Jacksonville whereby out of the entire population of 809,891 only 263 of the cases signifying 0.032 percentage rate of a hundred thousand (Index Crime Rate .n.d.). Finally, the least violent cases reported was that of murder which had about 115 cases that were a representative of 809,891 of the entire population signifying 0.014 percentage rate per a hundred thousand.

Moreover, in Jacksonville cases that had a relation to property crimes, property theft led recording 0.3751 percentage rate per a hundred thousand which constitute 30,375 of the entire population of 809,891. Second, highly rated property crimes were burglary cases, which represented 12,033, of the total population 809,891 which represent 0.1486 percentage at the rate per a hundred thousand(Index Crime Rate .n.d.). The least property crime rate is a motor vehicle theft which represents, a sample of 4,033 of the entire population of 809,891 that results to a percentage of 0.0498 rates per a hundred thousand.

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Megan's law arises in a case whereby a seven-year-old girl Megan Kanka, succumb to rape and murder by a well-known child molester who lived across the street from the family. Consequently, the incident drew responsiveness from the Kanka family who battled to have local publics cautioned about sex offenders in the area. Megan's law as a state law got approval in 1996 that supports indigenous law implementation agencies to inform the public about condemned sex offenders existing, operational in their communities (St Peters, 2007). Sexual offenders differ from other offenders based on the age crime curve different states have diverse techniques for creating the essential disclosures.

In Miranda v. Arizona (1966), Ernesto Miranda, was guilty of charges of rape, kidnapping, and robbery. On the other hand, Miranda was not conversant with his rights prior to the police cross-examination. Miranda apparently made a confession to committing the crimes before the police. Miranda, had features of mental instability, besides, he had no counsel present. By the side of trial, the prosecution's case entailed plainly on his confession (Evens. 2009). Consequently, Miranda's sentence for rape and kidnapping condemned him to 20 to 30 years in prison. He made an appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court, appealing citing that the police had unjustifiably obtained his confession. However, the court disagreed, but later it upheld the conviction (Lilly. 2011). The Supreme Court that reviewed the case in 1966 held that, under the Fifth Amendment's self-incrimination clause, declarations organized by the police all over custodial interrogation will remain unacceptable in the inquiry proceedings. Finally, a 5-4 decision written by Chief Justice Earl Warren, reigned that the prosecution could not present Miranda's confession as proof in a criminal trial since the police did not bother to inform Miranda of his rights besides self-incrimination.

In conclusion, crime rates are inevitable in any given society thus police should ensure that the citizens experience few cases of both violent and property theft. Enforcement of laws that protect citizens and seek to reduce crime rates to minimal cases should be upheld and enacted. As an example Megan law is critical in promoting the vulnerable like girls from those who can harm them in the society.

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