Robert Smith was not only the Director of Corporate Human Resource but also, he was responsible for the policy on sexual harassment in the organization. When Karen reported the issue about her harassment, he handled it with a lot of professionalism. He was very calculative in the choices he was about to make so as not to offend anyone discriminatorily. Even after Brett admitted to all the allegations laid against him by Karen, he did not sack him immediately. Perhaps he hoped that since Brett had admitted being guilty, he would turn out remorseful and change his behavior. Scott was relatively concerned about the repercussions of unjust dismissal laws.

Although Brett admitted to all the allegations made against him, he was still reluctant to sack him. It was only after Karen reported to him the second time about persistence in harassment that he took stern measure on Brett. Scott portrayed high professionalism in handling of the case. He was therefore justified to finally dismiss him since Brett did not even show remorsefulness over his actions.

Nicholas Min was Karen’s manager. He was found to be inconsiderate especially due to the fact that when the issue was first reported to him, he did not address it with much concern as the situation demanded. The simplicity of his response was quite alarming. Karen had also stated that she did not have enough evidence to implicate Brett over her cause of harassment. He told her to continue with her work as usual if she did not have tangible evidence to support her allegations against Brett. Also, the fact that she did not feel free to disclose to him the one who was behind the harassment shows Min as someone who is unapproachable. He was biased against Karen as portrayed by the way he handled the case. Even after Brett admitted accusations made against him, Min was reluctant to believe so. 

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Sexual harassment is an offensive practice and should not be allowed in the workplaces. Laws have been enacted that require managers to be responsible for prevention of the vice. The legislation is mandated to protect employees from any form of harassment from their bosses, co-workers and any other person at the workplace. The federal law in the United States of America applies to all private and public institutions and other employment agencies and bureaus. The management of the organization should satisfy the obligation of providing sensible care to its employees. They should also prevent sexual harassment by informing the employees about the policies that prohibit sexual harassment as well as the best ways of reporting such complaints.

The employees should also be educated on how to discourage progress of any kind of harassment. They should also be taught on how to keep tangible evidence that can be used against the culprit in the court of law. The management should also encourage its employees to join unions that fight against sexual harassment. This would help them file a discrimination complaint with a government agency in case such issues arise.

If Karen wanted to take her complains to the Anti-discrimination board and file a case against Scott and the organization, her case would have been handled in a different way. Karen had to wait for months before an action was taken against Brett. Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that she is still free from continued harassment even after Brett was sacked. They were long time friends and therefore, they knew each pretty well. This implies that even after his dismissal, he might still follow her again.

However, if she sued the organization, the management of the company would be fined for having delayed justice for her. It was made clear that there were other ladies who had left the organization earlier on following harassment from Brett. Therefore, the management of the organization would be to blame for having sustained an employee who harassed not just one, but many other ladies in the organization. This would also serve to warn and discourage those people who have similar behaviors.

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