After a period of hard work in high school or off-school, students and some elderly people resort to join college and graduate so as to attain what they had envisioned, a new chapter in life. With high expectations and confidence, college always offer people feeling that they have accomplished the journey which will earn them a certificate to a better and quality life. As such, those who join college are guided by their dreams of getting best and well paying jobs according to their courses after the graduation. Joining college offers assurance of ready jobs after graduation. Another reason for college education is competition in the job market whereby employers only prefer hiring candidates with college education. Surprisingly, this is not the reality, in view of the fact that the alumnae encounter tough experiences of seeking employment. Moreover, college graduates who get employed end up being paid low wedges and salaries making them to engage in other part time jobs in order to survive and make ends meet. In addition, after graduating, one has to tirelessly search for jobs, take responsibilities and even go for higher education.

The first cause for college education is the desire to for high quality and well paying jobs immediately after the graduation which has its advantages. For instance, well paying job offers an opportunity for a graduate to lead to a better lifestyle and brighter future. It also enables a graduate to develop his/her life and enlighten the society by making it a better place to live in. It is believed that an individual can only acquire such stylish life if he/she is a graduate with good and well paying job. On the contrary, there is a high demand of jobs which always it difficult for a college graduate to be employed immediately especially at this “economic time with a high inflation rate” (Cloete 5). Presently employers prefer hiring experienced candidates thereby killing fresh graduates’ anticipation for immediate employment and better lifestyle. The truth only dawns on an individual after graduation that there are those who graduated earlier and those who graduated the same year who are also unemployed. Moreover, there are millions of people with better qualifications who are also hassling for job. At the same time, low wedges and income easily resulting from disadvantaged labor market in the world’s economy hinder the quest for better lifestyle. College graduates might also find it rough in their search for jobs for the purpose of better lifestyle because of incompatibility of the courses done at the college with the job demands. This issue forces the graduate to adjust and be flexible or look for employment in other areas or even abroad. Therefore, those who attend college seek for high quality jobs with high income are at a high chance of being disappointed.

One of the effects of graduating from college is the responsibilities that await the college grandaunts. After graduating from college, one is expected to independent. This implies that an individual has to be responsible enough to take care of his/her own bills and also support others. Such responsibilities push fresh graduates to work extra harder in order to secure a job. Unfortunately, the liability of incurring extra expenses is very harsh for the graduates who are not used to providing for themselves, but depended on their parents, guardians or even sponsors for everything they need at college and even home. Naturally, transition from college is very stressful for the alumnae who still need time to make decisions concerning their lives and future. The graduates are in a world where they will be making “challenging decisions on almost a daily basis” (Mach 69). College graduates have to cater for their lives’ upkeep such as food, cloth, shelter, and medication. Moreover, when one is employed, the income earned might not be enough. This implies that one has to take up some other par time jobs so as to raise money to cater for everyday expenditure such as bills.

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The second effect of graduating from college is decision on whether to look for jobs or continue with further studies. Higher education gives the graduates a chance to advance their careers and venture into their area of interest. Whenever a college graduate fails to realize the intention of going to college, he/she is faced with the need to find how he/she can attain the initial goal of going to college either through other means of productivity or further studies. For some, when searching for job seems to be unsuccessful, the only option they have is to continue with the studies at higher level. That is, those who graduated with a diploma will aspire to go for a Bachelors degree, and those with Bachelors degree will want to obtain a masters degree and so on. The option for further studies is believed to be a means of creating higher chances of getting employed with better wedges and salaries as well as achieving certain expectations. Therefore, with higher education, the graduates have greater anticipation and higher chances of acquiring great jobs with greater wages and salaries. Moreover, attaining a higher education builds a sense of high social status whereby, those with master’s degree and doctorates always yearn for recognition from other people. Unfortunately, the requirements of getting a higher education are also high with the tuition fees keeping on rising at a high rate. This implies that one has to have enough funds for fees to pay for the expensive higher education. It is also expected that the any college graduate should raise the fee from whichever source for further studies. Other responsibilities that a graduate has to deal with after college which cause dilemma of between further education and looking for a job includes materials, bills and other expenses. If a college graduate chooses to go for further education, he/she is still faced with the problem of everyone aspiring higher studies in order to cope up with the present world economy.

In summary search for employment, responsibilities and higher education are the major effects of college graduates. Therefore, it calls for the parties concerned to critical thinkers when facing the world after graduating from college. Unemployment results from economic recession which has greatly contributed to the above three effects of graduating from college. Responsibilities on the other hand amplify the urge of job seeking to enable the graduates to entirely provide for themselves without involving other parties. Higher education seems to be a remedy to a better life because of its great advantages. Such advantages are high quality and well paying jobs. Lack of employment is a common issue in the present world and therefore action should be taken before things fall out of hand. The challenges the graduates face after college have destroyed the dreams of people ever aspiring for college education. They bargain on the ground that college education is very expensive and the employment rate is very low.

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