Shuttle services are the services that are provided by a college or a campus which facilitates all transport affairs within and outside the college or campus. The bus services are often scheduled in such a way that the bus goes round the town on a defined radius to pick or drop all the students and staff. This paper is going to focus on the challenges and the accomplishments of the campus shuttle services.


One of the major accomplishments of the campus shuttle system is the convenience of travelling it provides to off campus students (Pommer 117). These are students who live away from campus who would otherwise face enormous challenges if this service was not provided. Taking into consideration that not all students can afford to buy a car, this service comes to fill the gap. The service is convenient and reliable because it operates in a certain defined route throughout the academic year. There are also specific designated points where students and staff are to be picked and dropped. Besides, the shuttle buses offer transport within campus which increases convenience all the more.

The shuttle service improves time management in the school, college, or university. That is all the staff and students using the bus service are brought on time (Fleishman Et al 85). Unlike using other public transport, the students and staff are able to save on time. Furthermore since the shuttles operate scheduled trips, the students can be able to plan their time with certainty. The reliability of the shuttle also ensures that students can get the service when they need it and if anything happens that disrupts transportation, the students’ welfare will be catered for.

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The other major accomplishment of the shuttle system is that it takes care of those with special needs (Pommer 116). This is very important since commercial public service vehicles may not be keen on them. The fact that they can access this service is also a great help because it relieves them the need of asking for help from other people giving them a sense of independence. This enhances their self-esteem. The system allows those who use bicycles on campus to carry them along further increasing convenience.


The fact that the shuttle system is scheduled means that there are many people who all want to board the bus creating a capacity problem (National Parking Association 51). During the morning hours the students will all be heading towards campus and since no one is allocated a given time when they should catch the bus, capacity issues arise when many students board the bus at the same time. The same will be repeated as the students head home especially in the evening. The buses end up being overloaded which may cause more problems. The students, especially during peak time are made to wait for some time again due to capacity issues. This leads to time wastage and fatigue.

The other problem that is rampant on the shuttle service is indiscipline. Most of these services are operated by the driver alone. While the driver is busy driving, unruly students take advantage and misbehave. This may be manifested by bullying others, harassing the general public through the windows or obstructing the driver by making noise or beating the bus walls. Bullying may accelerate into physical fights or indecent touches which leaves the recipient of such behavior offended. Obstruction of the driver may end up causing an accident. 

Furthermore some of the shuttle buses lack proper maintenance. This leads to frequent breakdowns. Most vehicles are often caught off guard as they may breakdown while picking or dropping students and staff. In this context, students and staff may be forced to find alternate means of transport to school or home. This endangers their lives besides wasting time.

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