Statistics available from Waikato University suggest that the amount of fees paid by the students is far too high compared to other institutions. There is a need to revise and make them reasonably affordable and still remain efficient in its bid to offer standard education. Furthermore, there is a need to structure the fees as attractive as possible in order to capture a wide market and make Waikato University the most distinguished university of choice for international students.

Introduction (Background)

Universities across the world are in a bid market themselves. One of the ways they achieve this is through making the operations cost effective. The evidence gathered on the course fees of Waikato University shows that they are a bit expensive. This is attributable to various factors including the implementation of modernized facilities in the university, innovative actions by the management, introduction of ICT, construction of new buildings among other projects. The university community, being of diverse cultural background has been subjected to numerous criticisms, one of which is the high course fees. The University has to address this important issue.

Statement of Problem

Because of the many complaints regarding the amount of fees paid by Waikato University students, an inquiry has to be made to establish the truth and to find out how this has affected enrollment rate as well as to formulate solutions to alleviate it.

The implementation proposal is to outline how the solutions resulting from the inquiry into the highlighted problem will be carried out. That is to prove that the speculation of high course fees of charged by the university is higher than those of the other international universities. Secondly is to determine whether low fees would make students from diverse cultural backgrounds be more productive and enjoy their stay.

Method or solutions

One of the solutions would be to ultimately lower the fees to be paid by prospective Waikato University students. This would be attained by interviewing Waikato students. The second solution would be to compare Waikato fees with those of the other universities.

Primary research

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The international students in Waikato University are to be directly interviewed and if this is not possible, they should be given questionnaires to fill. The filled questionnaires will then be analyzed and the students' opinions known. This will aid the final decision making.

Secondary research

Students in other international universities students would also be included to provide course fees for comparison. This will be achieved by selecting particular universities and analyzing their course fees structure for comparison. More importantly, they should be from the competing universities. Other sources would include documents from the Department of Education.

Weeks 1, 2: Review the conclusion and recommendations of the study. This will allow the group to establish the link between the evidence collected and the problem which had earlier been identified and researched on.

Weeks 3, 4, 5, 6: Get the opinion of the academic staff and students of Waikato regarding the proposed changes on the fees structure. This will allow the group to put the final touches on necessary solutions to be forwarded for consideration.

Weeks 7, 8: Present the list of final recommendations to the university's finance department. It will also be important to get the standpoints of peripheral stakeholders like the senate and non-academic staff.

Weeks 9, 10, 11, 12: Get the feedback and follow up if the proposed changes are made by the finance department. This will give room to the group to establish whether the problem has been solved. Monitor and evaluate the progress.

The solutions are appropriate because the members of the implementation group are all studying in Waikato University and, of which, 95 percent are international students. The experience we, as students, have is majorly on marketing and production research and also in the area of survey. Furthermore the findings and resolutions will go a long way in improving costs and increasing admissions.

Cost of survey questionnaires production                  $45

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Transport costs to various destinations                     $54

Cost of research and collection of data                      $0

Analysis and follow up                                               Free

Total cost                                                                  $190

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