The website is about Ohio State Buckeyes. It is generally used to advertise various sports activities such as athletics, basket ball, hockey, table tennis, volleyball, swimming among others. The Ohio States Buckeye Web has attracted many funs who like sports because of its enjoyable varied features. In this website, it has a schedule of events and activities to take place and the coverage. Those who use this website can be guided on all sports activities concerning the venue, time and the date.

For example:                                                                                                                                          


Friday, September 24, 2010                                                    Time

Field Hockey (6) vs. Northwestern                                              3:00 PM

Women's Volleyball at Wisconsin                                                7:00 PM

Sunday, September 26                                                    

Men's Golf at Rounds                                                                   All Day.

Women's Soccer at Michigan                                                       2:00 PM

Wednesday September 29

Field Hockey vs. Robert Morris                                                     3:00 PM

Men's Soccer vs. Akron                                                                7:00 PM (Live Video).

Friday, October 01    

Men's Tennis vs. N/A                                                                   All Day

Women's Tennis at Notre Dame Invite                                       All Day

Men's Cross Country at All Ohio Championships                        TBA

Women's Cross Country vs. at Notre Dame Invite                     TBA

Pistol vs. TBA                                                                              TBA

Women's Volleyball vs. Michigan                                                7 PM (Big Ten Network.comLive Stats).

Ohio State Buckeyes website has a news page where all results of all the events which take place are broadcasted for people to know. Other information one may find in this websites are how events are sponsored. In athletics for instance, it is financed by the grants from donors. It also sponsors 36 fully funded varsity teams where 17 of these are for women, 16 for men and 3 co-educational. Tickets are available online for those who want to view all activities in various fields and stadium (Madigan 70).

The news is detailed and it covers all sports activities taking place throughout the season. Most sport funs like this website because it gives regular updates on sports. The most celebrated news was when Ohio State team on Saturday defeated Ron English (Eastern Michigan Team) with seven points. Many funs were cheering for Ohio State team because most of its players are experienced and discipline; the team was also considered as the strongest and could participate in the next round leagues with other states (Madigan 67). The Ohio States Buckeyes website has many features and activities which make it famous and appealing to many people and even sponsors. It ranks all players every week from the best performing player and teams to the least performing.

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The most popular  features in this sports web are: The DVD's, game day programs, photo prints, news feeds (RSS), Ohio States Students only program, videos on demand, face book, twitter, Buckeye vision and mission, well coordinated customer care services, live events schedules, memorabilia store and team shop. It has well stipulated rules and regulations to ensure that no information posted can affect the image of the website (Madigan 76).

The website too has set aside the club for kids. This is for the kids or children who love the Ohio State Buckeyes sports facilities. This is mostly for kids below eight years and it is meant to psyche them up to like sports. To promote this site, kids are expected to pay only $ 25 and $ 20 as membership renewal fees. These sports for children run from July 1st to June 30th every year. The children benefits from the special membership registration fee, the monthly e-news letter, official Buckeye Kids Club Membership Card, birthday card from Brutus, opportunity to attend special events and free admission to select athletic events throughout the year without any condition (Madigan 80).

In this website, it has a club called Buckeye Club. This a club where registered members meet and socialize on specific days set by the management. Its main aim is to support the objectives and goals of the Ohio State Department of athletics by raising some money (grant in aid) to assist athlete students in their studies in the thirty six (36) varsity sports. It tries to engage and embrace the community to further promote the passion and love for sports (Madigan 74).

Ohio States Buckeye has some goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are the driving force for the success of this sports website. These include:

To be a member of Ohio States Buckeye club, one is suppose to fill the form online. This is a faster way of notifying and updating members of all key activities and events. This has been proven to be more effective and efficient in conveying information. The twitter and the face book sites are meant for socialization. It is in this club that leaders and teachers emerge because of free interaction and sharing of ideas (Madigan 60).

The news feed which is also known as RSS feed contains story headlines and story excerpts. These news feeds have a link in the website that downloads stories or breaking news at an interval specified by the reader or the user. A new member (user of the web) also known as aggregator can use a hot mail so as to make his or her details clear to the other members. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a software that is used to share and to distribute the web contents to many users' data feeds. This information is display in the website for users and sponsors to give their opinion or views (Madigan 56).

There is a well organized team of management that ensures the system runs without any inconveniences to it customers, donors and sponsors. The select and post the best sport photos of the week, any necessary information, receiving feedback and handling complains from the customers and users of the web.

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