This concerns the job relate writing experiences I have had as well as the skills I would like to learn during the course, which is ENC. In the experiences of writing, which is accounting I will include my writing strengths in accounting and other strengths I have I job-related writing. Additionally, I will take an account on the actions that I will take so as to improve on writing skills.

Present job-related writing

I have not done much on job related to writing since at the moment am working in accounting, which does not require a lot of writing. The audiences I deal with are many since it is an office work whereby I associate with people who need financial assistance. In order to tailor my writing so as to respond to the audiences, I use persuasive communication skills whereby I use polite language when talking to them. I also write brief and clear information when I want to inform them on the information concerning accounting.

Since most of my writing is calculations, I would need to improve on my literature writing since most of the audience understands information in the form of writing more than calculations. This will help attract more audience who will be a benefit to the company I will be working on; hence gain more profit.

Writing Self-Perceptions

The writing strength that I have is calculating problems in accounting. I am proficient at calculating balance sheets that are mainly used by business companies. Through working in many business companies, I have been able to give satisfactory results, which gives me hope that I am an effective writer in my field, which is accounting.

Though I have little experience in writing since my field does not require a lot of writing, my writing skills are excellent. This is seen through my grades that are satisfactory a reason that many companies have allowed me to work with them. My work has been admired by many people especially companies that offered job opportunity. These jobs have helped me in getting some experience in my writing skills, which has helped me improve on my skill for perfection in order to offer a quality work (Smith & Bernhardt, 1997).

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Others’ Perceptions of Your Writing

My writing is pleasing to others, since they enjoy when reading it. Although I do not fulfill the expectations of all my readers, I try my best to write things that will please them. When people read my work, I get to know where I have to improve, and, therefore, I am able to write a better work next time. With the parts that my readers like, I am able to maintain them so that I can satisfy them.

Some of criticisms that I have faced is on my spelling mistakes in my writing, and I could see my work been corrected by the writers. Consequently, I have been forced to read my work as many times as possible, to remove the mistakes in the paper before giving my readers. My supervisors see my communication skills as excellent and recommend that I am skilled in writer in job related to writing (Kolin, 2011).

Goals for Writing Development

I would like to improve more on my writing skills so that I would be able to produce a correctly documented and researched multi-paragraph research paper. The main goal in this class of ENC is writing successfully for the preparation of challenges in writing an academic paper in future. Additionally, the students of ENC should be able to choose a topic, and come up with an idea, which will help develop a correct documented research that is well edited and revised.

This class also encourages on learning skills that are basic such as technical skills concerning the course, communication and interaction skills, as well as oral presentation and critical thinking. To improve these skills, I would do some extra work so that I can know where my problems are in writing as well as seeking individual attention from the tutor. In addition, I will look for fresh for new assignments and techniques from websites, observation and collegial exchanges in order to improve my skills .

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