Research work forms an essential part of the learning process whose value cannot be underscored. During my recent research, I had the opportunity to have an experience of carrying research work. According to Vyhmeiste, synthesizing information in the research process is highly essential. During my research, I used Google to search the web, located journals from the database, and accepted the appropriate resources while rejecting the rest.

While carrying out the research, I used the Google search engines to locate and preview resources about online education. Google was useful in locating resources in the World Wide Web through the uniform resource locator (URL). The URL identifies resources on the web and allows researchers to view it (Winkler & Metherell, 2011). Apart from using the Google search engine, I also visited; an online database. This database allowed me to search for journals on online education. This search was useful as there were many periodicals in the database. Together, and Google provide me with the means of searching for literature covering the topic.

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My success in using Google and stemmed from the keywords I used. During the research, I used the keywords ‘impact’ and ‘online education’ to search for resources to write the paper. These keywords were chosen based on the appropriateness to the research topic as desired on any academic researc. However, some resources were rejected based on their broadness while those specific to online education were used.

Without doubt, doing a research requires the use of search engines and databases among other tools to locate articles with the required information. During my research process, the use of keywords yielded various search results. Nonetheless, those with precision to the topic were used. Certainly, carrying out a research calls for experience and understanding of the process.

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