What behaviors will you expect from your students?  (code of conduct)

Students who have been brought up online tend to be sharp and creative that their counterparts who do not have much exposure to the same. This is due to the massive amount of information available in the internet. They, however, in most cases, also become naughty and exposed to adult materials which they encounter in the internet.

What guarantees can you give your parents that you will respect student privacy and assure safety?

Basically, I enjoy the internet due to it informative nature about most of the occurrences at the global level. This, coupled with the fact that my parents have raised my under the right principles, I rarely think of logging into sits that request otherwise.

What are the advantages of using technology for educational purposes?

The internet is good for educational purposes, since it has information on varied topics, with commentaries from other people and students around the world. It is also easily accessible and greatly improves the students’ information technology skills in the process.

What kinds of new technology will you want to use for instruction?  How will you structure online activities for your students?

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I will use a projector connected to a computer to provide an enlarged screen that I can easily use to give the students instructions on how to maximally and effectively using internet resources. I would structure the internet materials into several groups, such as, recreational, educational, adult.etc.

How do you feel students might benefit by using technology?

Through the use of technology, I feel that the students become technologically oriented as they mature, and this is critical in the workplace nowadays.

What specific curriculum objectives do you hope to meet with the use of technology in your classroom and/or computer lab?

Through the use of technology, I hope that the students will use the internet resources in their research work. It helps them to expound further on what they have been taught in class.

How will you cover yourself legally should a student push you or go over the line?

By having the internet rules and regulations written on a sheet of paper with spaces where the students can sign, and have then forwarded to the administration for filing.

What consequences will there be for students who don't use technology acceptably?

Those who misuse technology should be suspended from accessing the technology for certain duration, and have their guardians involved for guidance and counseling on the correct use of technology.

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