Santa Clara University located at the Silicon Valley in California is a world class up-to-date learning institution that I am proud to be associated with. It had always been my wish to join a university after my college and this had prompted me to travel to several universities during this summer with the intention of getting one that would help me achieve my career dreams. One day however, my cousin living in San Francisco introduced and gave me information regarding Santa Clara University. When I went to confirm it for myself, I had each and every reason to make Santa Clara my university of choice. Chief among them is the fact that it is located at the centre of Silicon Valley and this facilitates my easy access to the university. Once I was admitted to university, I realized other advantages hidden within it. This includes small-sized classes that enhance student-teacher relationship, availability of study abroad programs, and early opportunities for me to participate on cutting-edge research.

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Additionally, my stay in Santa Clara University has provided me with the exceptional chance to discover the engineering principals that would make possible it possible for me to address the world's most challenging problems with courage.  This is enhanced by the fact that the institution teaches basic study skills that includes setting of smart goals, active learning techniques, and how to study efficiently. The university also has set ten tips of motivation that have left a positive impact in my life besides learning to concentrate and avoid procrastination. It is in Santa Clara that I have been able to improve my time management skills, study skills, and also learn foreign languages. Santa Clara University has good learning resources including good linkages to other universities including university of Victoria, North Carolina, South Florida, and Western Ontario among others. Fitness and recreation is also a factor that adds value to this institution and when coupled with the countless links to Silicon Valley's high-tech businesses, I am provided with the opportunity to enjoy my career. All the credit belongs to Santa Clara University, an institution of choice.

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