• · Computer Haptics
  • · Augmented-reality System
  • · Video Conferences
  • · Digital Translators

All of these technologies are equally promising, and offer great opportunities. I believe these technologies will receive a lot of attention from scientists. Some of them are just starting to emerge, but now not even 5% of their potential is used. Computer haptics are just starting to appear in our gadgets. These are the sensations we are going to get back from our gadgets. This way a gamer would be able to feel steel handle of the sword of his action hero; or a spaceman, when training, will be able to feel the moon rocks in his/her hands. How cool would that be? Augment reality is viewing the real time data through technological overlay. These can be glasses, phones, and other gadgets. You could be standing in front of the restaurant and reading the menu or reviews of this place. It is like you will be in two different worlds at once, real one and digital one. Video conferences are yet slightly underdeveloped; there is a lot to work on. However, considering the increasing rate of globalization, this innovation will significantly decrease the obstacles when operating international businesses. Digital translators will also contribute to the successful globalization, translating conversations in real time.

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Even authors of wildest science fiction couldn’t think of anything like this only as far as 50 years ago. 

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