Communication is a key factor in living everyday life. It is an aspect that cannot be avoided. Every person has to connect in a conversation with another person to relay a message or receive one. Communication thus forms the basis of various processes that support human survival and contributes remarkably in socioeconomic development. Different people have studied communication and concluded that everyone has a unique way of communication. They have defined various styles that go hand in hand with personalities. There are four distinct types of communication. These are Analytical, Expressive, Drivers, and Amiable. This essay will highlight on two types of communication styles that define the relationship between my brother and I; the expressive and drivers styles.

A Brief Overview of the Relationship under Analysis

Different people have different communication styles. It is fundamental to note that the different types of communication influence the way people relate in various relationships. My brother and I have different communication styles. While he has the expressive style, I have a driver style. This difference has indeed influenced the way we converse and share with one another. We often engage in conflicting arguments that are result to either productive state of unproductive states. For instance, there are instance we get into an argument that leaves us laughing and understanding each other’s perspective. There are other times when we engage in conflicting moments that separate us with anger and reproach. However, studying communication styles has influence my thinking considerably. Today, I can be more accommodative with my brother than in the past. I have come to realize that he has a varied way of conveying his feeling and thoughts from my way.

Common Characteristics of Expressive and Drivers.


One of the key characteristics of an expressive communicator is that he or she can be extremely aggressive, enthusiastic, and with a high energy level. These people can easily generate sounds ideas, but cannot work out a plan to execute the same to the end. A person with expressive communication styles is social and enjoys helping other people with their challenges. However, their main weakness is that they are slow in decision-making. Expressive communication styles exhibits a dramatic, impulsive, talkative, and manipulative nature in a person.


These are people who can be action oriented as they are compelled by every challenge that comes their way.  A person with a driver’s communication styles is self-motivated.  They focus on any ambition and objective set ahead and works out a plan to its accomplishment. People of the Driver’s communication styles talk fast, direct to the point, pragmatic, and decisive.

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What is frustrating and rewarding about expressive and drivers communication styles?

Merits of drivers

Drivers have a talkative nature, and can easily get in to a conversation and resolve a conflict. This communicator will often be out looking for a solution to overcome a challenge. They have a competitive nature that is self-driven. Hence, they can make reliable team members that will help in working out set goals.

Demerits of drivers

Driver’s are forceful I nature. They are people that want to do things in their own chosen way. Additionally, Driver’s can be demanding. This means that a person with a driver’s mentality can push another to the edge without making a sound decision.

Merits of Expressive

A person who is expressive can be a good encourager. This is an individual who can, motivate another and influence one to move ahead to accomplish a certain task. They are confident thus can take a leadership position. They are optimistic and can stay positive even through a failing circumstance.

Demerits of Expressive

Expressive communicators are impulsive. They can be dramatic and impose on certain decisions without a second thought. They can easily abandon a project, as they cannot make strong decisions. Hence, they do not have enough focus to overcome serious and massive challenges in working out a plan to the end.

How to Handle Conflicts

Solving a conflict between Drivers and expressive people can be a challenge. Drivers have a supportive nature and can listen to other people. However, they may forceful. On the other hand, the expressive person is authoritative and demands that other people follow his or her orders.

Solving a conflict between these two will require dialogue. This implies that each of the two parties accommodate one another. The best way is to handle such meetings in a diplomatic manner. One person has to put his or her needs in front of the other persons needs. This leaves enough room for the two parties to agree on a way forward. It also means that the two parties will come to an understanding about each other’s position. As a result, the expressive person will have a chance of expressing himself or herself without feeling ignored, while the drive is able to focus on the set goals thus making a team.  

In conclusion, the expressive and drivers communication styles are both outstanding. They contribute significantly in the making of strong personalities. They are both people who can become influential figures in the society. However, both communication styles can be a source of conflict as they are provocative. Hence, it is important for each to have accommodative attitudes in order to overcome the challenges in their relationship. 

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