The UBB technology is considered the most efficient and effective ICT technology in the modern world, this study will be carried out with the sole purpose of determining the effectiveness and efficiency of the technology. Across sectional descriptive study will employed using both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods will employed in collecting data from the respondents whose consent have been obtained, the data collected will then be double entered, edited and then input into SPSS V-10 statistical package for analysis. The results will be categorized as categorical, continuous or discreet or count data. The analyzed data will presented in form of histograms for continuous data and bar graphs descript data. Inferences will be made from the triangulation of the qualitative and quantitative data. The information that will be generated out of study will be given to relevant ministries and the UBB experts for improvement purposes of the UBB.Permission to carryout the research will be sought from the relevant authority in order to adhere to the considerations in carrying out the research. The researcher will also consider the reliability and validity in the research process in order to ascertain high level accuracy.  

Having the population get connected to the Ulrabroadband access networks brings about the capability to reach a wider customer base that overlaps beyond the immediate environment. Yet not withstanding these chances of its future survival  the market is enormously increasing on one side, there are many industrial groups and quality assurance bodies that go on with their  work  on stand alone environment devoid of any external interference  and often on a non-interoperable specifications for residential connections, on the other, while there are several home personal computers and multimedia network-enabled peripherals, a bigger number of the households cannot accommodate complicated and sophisticated interconnections, while the majority of patrons  lack the will or cannot afford large scale home rewiring. Out of many competing technologies, a wireless networking solution can be adopted to bring about a cost effective way of dealing the problem of rewiring hence covering a wider percentage of domestic Network market, therefore a wireless broadband  technology in comparison to other technologies is the most appropriate for the Home Network area due to its capability of capturing wider customers base and other indispensable merits that comes along with it .Both cable operators and telecommunications carriers that are in constant cut throat competition will only be winners if they endeavor to a brace the Ultra-Broadband services commonly known to measure as greater than 50 Mtps symmetrical throughput.By 2012, the global ultrabroadband markets will prove to be one of the most profitable industries in the financial markets, with revenue amounting to approximately 56 % of the overall Market figures. Subsequent reports indicated a positive and perpetual progress of the market, something which has led  the market economists to predict that in a five years scale of time, the computer hardware market would have hit a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of about 5.8 percent, with an estimated value of 485 billion US dollars revenue by 2010.This essay thus attempts to reassess and analysis the contributions of the North American Computer Hardware Industry in the Global Computer Hardware Markets, being one of the International giant internet broadband technology service provider. The essay also analyses how the Porter’s five forces may have tried to shape the growth and development of the Industry in the recent times of stiff competitions and economic challenges in the Global Financial Markets.

Cost of the UBB and this online shopping service. Another merit is that Ultra-Broadband services comes with solutions such as Fiber-To- The- premises  (FTTP) for the home, business, or Multi-tasking Units can easily meet the current broadband requirements and enormously go to great heights to Ultra-Broadband access the supports hundred of thousands  of megabits of symmetrical throughput to each and every

subscriber Ultra-broadband also offers the products and services that provide cable operators the capability to connect fiber deeper into the network and deliver higher-speed services .Affordable information sending and delivery is becoming a reality in Ballarant courtesy of the Minister for innovation, John Embury who launched the  collaborative Optical Leading Tested. He said COLT provided an enabling environment for the leading local and international companies, colleges and healthcare institutions trail next generation information communication technology services and application  this project as so far seen the development and testing of the latest optical fiber  infrastructure that delivers far much affordable integrated ultra-broadband services for example the consumers  will now be able to get an instant internet access, video on demand, better quality digital and pay Television, seamless video conferencing and broadcasting all these at affordable price . In addition, it also provides for the telemedicine capabilities for example the 3-desighn imaging transmission for surgeons, and the potentiality for diagnosis in the home. Ultra- Broad band and IP Video services delivery brought together comes with drive rich personalized experiences for instance End-To-End solution across wire line Broad band, wireless  Broadband, IP Video delivery and home networking addresses consumer demand for seamless entertainment experiences for example more personalize communications experiences unveils a converged technology solutions that are able to seamlessly deliver data rich services, such as high- definition video, on demand services, and unified cellular-landline voice communications, the wire line and the wireless technology demonstrations including a complete  Gigabit passive optical Network and video over wireless broadband  solution to deliver ultra-Broad capability to more people in more places.

The IP Video through the Ultra-Broadband connection will bring about an eruptive growth as consumers move more digital connect not limited to home but will also accommodate multiple devices to be connected, in terms of megabits, the Ultra broadband (UBB) solutions provides the answer in aiding providers to go beyond the 20 megabits of broadband capacity that is allocated to the majority of homes.

Ultra-broadband through wore line service help providers to effectively cut the cost by bridging the bandwidth requirements they might need today as well as in the future with a portfolio of end- to –end broad.

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Blended Broad cost less and provides more bandwidth capability than similar SDSL and leased line solutions

In the application of the Ultra-broadband connection, it is possible to incorporate  Broadband  digital communication connection that operates over standard copper telephone wires which spilt transmission  into two frequency bands the lower frequencies fire wrote and the wireless broadband this comes with the video solutions that includes aspects of IP video delivery chain including access networks, encoding consumer premises , integrated  services, and advanced software  applications this enable service providers to develop fresh and exiting offerings while ensuring  that their  patrons enjoy personalized experience and consistent connectivity. Resilience several broadband interconnections enable sharing of network path and traffic to make sure that there is limited or no data loss in times when there is o drop in service .Scalability   as a feature that is endowed with the Ultra- broadband helps in increasing the band with  at any time as you need it this ensures quality of services prioritize   network traffic(i.e. voice, data, video) to make sure that the consumer gets the best quality of services and most efficient use of  available bandwidth, in addition through UBB on multiple  network types  it is now possible to converge necessary for digital lifestyle through  multiple channels at Telecom TEXT, this comes with a range of  ultra-broadband  technologies designed to  empower  an ever  eager consumer population with a bandwidth  more peer-to peer, broadcast and everything on demand entertainment services. The Ultra-broadband along with solution demonstrators includes symmetrical  service delivery  over GPON,IP Video over this features support  a wide range advance entertainment features, including  high definition TV (HD TV)  a set of  digital Television standards that  has the highest resolution  and  sharper pictures.

The Demand and Application of the UBB Technology. The adoption and use of new technology especially in the information and communication sectors have given exciting guarantees towards extension of networking field wider. The residential places, which stand higher chance of benefiting due to the availability of a variety of appliances that support connectivity though, have higher resistance to the new technology since some homes do not support sophisticated interconnection and most consumers are unwilling and may be unable to afford large scale home rewiring. Wireless networking is one that has tackled a larger portion of residential networking system

Television programs and online shopping channel on UBB. As compared to the recent introductions and applications done in the information technology, it is foreseen that Ultra broadband will be fast and affordable means of connectivity. A lot of resources have been invested to ensure that its information delivery is 400 times faster than the ones that are in use today. This was a project that cost millions of dollars courtesy of the Collaborative Optical Leading Testbed (COLT) which gave the opportunities for local and international companies, universities and colleges and healthcare institutions to trial the next generation ICT services and applications. Ultra-Broad band through the internet brings about an internet interactive capabilities that are beneficial  to customers, for example customer by just a lick of a button can arrange for or carryout online shopping and make payment by using  a maser card that is possible through online business system or what as been now baptized electronic commerce, customers can as well learn a lot  on television programs that relates to activities of daily life such programs runnel on television may include fashion design, cookery, by clicking a consumer can get a whole package of requirements for example needed for preparing a Chinese food.

The introduction and use of fiber optic cable technology to deliver cheaper broadband services are as a result of this. People who access the technology will be able to watch all the television stations which are provided on the UBB as well as carry out the online booking which is just a click a way.

The faster internet connectivity that has been witnessed in the modern times as well as the video and quality digital access TV, video conferencing and broadcasts are the advantages that the current broadband has brought at affordable rates. Telemedicine has also been enhanced through 3 D imaging transmissions for surgeons and faster diagnosis in the comfort of one’s home has also been an added advantage.

This has however created a high demand for bandwidth and expansion of broadband communication services to users and the communication network traffic increasing day by day. This has been adopted by Motorola which was able to access video service delivery, access to certain data as well as on demand services, unified cellular landline communication among others.

Development of the UBB Industry. The global smart grid of 2009 provided a comprehensive analysis on how the Ulrabroadband technology has been developing in relation to the technological innovations and the demands for its services and products globally, alongside the fierce competition that existed in the global financial markets. The reports also analyzed the industry`s probable market scenario in the year 2010 with the assessment of new products that were hitting the market and the market trend towards the newly launched products. Report surveys shows that  managing the financial operations in the market, including the partnership deals, mergers, acquisitions, private equities and capital venturing, just to mention a few has been of great value and importance

According to the final analysis of the Smart Grid Market reports, both United States (US) and the European Unions (EU), were ranked as the potential in the marketing of internet services in 2009.The US lead was facilitated by the venture of other sub-companies into the industry, the caliber of ABB Ltd and Siemens AG, which immensely contributed towards the flow of the us market. The year 2009 experienced evolution of new markets in the Smart Grid chain internationally, something which must have triggered the scrupulous competition among the internet technologies, with companies from the Asian countries (China, Australia, South Korea et cetera) and those from North America, featuring Canada, Mexico and the United States dominating the market demonstrating great potential to dominate the markets.

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