The Fight Club Movie is a collection of comedy drama scenes that revolves around the life of a depressed young man who is in an internal struggle within over his natural instincts towards his girl friend and the desire for friendship with his male counterparts. It is an encounter with different perspectives in life that he desires to harmonize with his own type of lifestyle. The project intends to look into the various ways in which the aspects of stand point theory have been reflected in the episodes of the movie (Muir, 2004).

The main character, who is called the Narrator, engages in small business venture that does not give him the satisfaction and the returns that he desires. He then chooses to withdraw into his own house to organize it with the hope that his sorrows will soon fade away.  However, the situation worsens as he realizes his loneliness and a great need to interact with the people around him. This drives him to visit people with terminal diseases and interacts with them. After some while, on a business flight, he meets a business tycoon, Tyler, who sells soap and who holds a positive view of life that great lessons can be gained from the hard times that people face.

Tyler, who dares him to fight and the two become friends and meets weekly as the fighting experience has made the Narrator to feel more alive than before. They then form the fight club where the members bond through violence which is later joined by larger groups. Tyler develops a crush for the Narrator’s long time friend, Marla with whom they formed the fight club. Her withdrawal from the forefront of the fight club begun when the Narrator had started developing tendencies of insanity due to strange masculine fantasies and the reactions to the surrounding environment that is full of anarchy. The play ends as the Narrator rejects Tyler and sticks to Marla (DeFrancisco, 2007).

This is a theory that tends to explain the disparities that have been seen in the contemporary society. It states that different people have different stand points in life which is determined by the social groups that one belongs to and the experiences that one goes through. A standpoint is defined as a place from which one views life and the world as a whole which determines what we see and what has been hidden from us (McCann & Kim, 2003).

The social groups and communities from which we belong greatly influence what we know and how we communicate with one another. The various dysfunctions and inequalities of the society contribute to the diversity of the standpoints that we have in life. Studies have also indicated that the perspectives from the lives of less influential people in the society gives a more objective view of life than those from the influential ones. The stand points are partial and therefore a person can have many stand points depending on the environmental forces that one is exposed to. It has been found out that the cultural setting that a person originates from determines the overall standpoint of a person (Muir, 2004).

This theory is applicable in the current times when there have been cultural conflicts between the races of the world. In each of the case scenarios that have been witnessed, the victims have an understanding of their opponents better than the other way round. Other analogies have related it to the people in a concert where the one who takes the front seats has a different view than the one who sits at the back (McCann & Kim, 2003).

The theory is best suitable to understand the subjective discourses that exist in the current world. The Feminism ideology has been classified among the standpoints such as political ideologies like Marxism, Socialism among others (DeFrancisco, 2007).

The Standpoints that manifest in the Movie: The Fight Club. In the movie episodes, the main character is portrayed to have defined standing point that resulted from the kind of environment that surrounded him. He has a strange view of women that is derived from the masculine tendencies that are inspired by the friendship that he forms with Tyler who eventually ruins his mind on how friendships come to be (McCann & Kim, 2003).

Tyler is quoted saying, “We are a generation of men raised by women. I wonder if another woman is the answer that we really need.”  On another standpoint the movie is seen to be elevating the aspects of feminism while suppressing the masculine needs for socialization in with fellow male brothers.

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The movie is also seen from another stand point of elevating the desire for man to man relationships to a point that is above the normal and making the females to suffer in the process of its pursuit. It is a plain male centered approach that tends towards promoting homosexuality. Marla fights to be respected as a female and eventually wins (McCann & Kim, 2003).

The fantasy goes deeper into the imagination that females are non existent. In their attempt to keep the fight club’s reputation, the Narrator and Tyler contradict themselves when they form a rule that no one should talk about the club in the expectation that the club will grow anyway. They break this rule and this reveals that they never wanted women to know about the club. Marla later on discovered them and breaks the friendship with Tyler. This shows the influence on the peer group standpoint that has acted to influence the Narrator’s.

The movie has emphasized the aspects of masculinity to the point that the presence of one woman in the house makes the Narrator to consider the house full of people they had chased out. The obsession with testicle has manifested when Project Mayhem finally undergoes castration and the Testicular Cancer Group who tried to prevent the same.

The Narrator comes forth as an unstable character in his narration and the mind is defiled from the very beginning. The movie is focused on masculinity and this is considered an error of omission and commission. Marla, in seeking the attention of the Narrator, pretends to be a house pet which has revealed a great extent of desperation to be part of the whole thing. This is a clear indication of how far the feminine contribution has been ignored in the movie. The standpoint that Tyler has adopted is self defeating and the two have gone wrong at some point in the movie.

The movie, when viewed from a young person’s view is quite relatable since it speaks of dilemmas that they face in trying to find self discovery and orientation. The influence of peers is so great that he says what he want people to hear even if it’s not the truth.

The movie has portrayed certain brutality that is considered an extreme view of masculine brutality among the male gender. This in revealed in the aspect of having to fight in order to have pleasant experiences and for friendship. This is when the Narrator and Tyler begins their friendship with a fight that was intended to have Tyler recruited as a member of the Fight Club.

The film is against moral responsibility of the male gender in terms of being careless about the females and behaving like they do not exist which is a fantasy that was being portrayed by the Narrator and was slowly spreading to Tyler. Fighting which comes out as the rule of the game can encourage undeserved violence among the youths in campuses and learning institutions. It is nota culture that should spread in the contemporary world (DeFrancisco, 2007).

In other terms, it has been described as a thrill that portrays itself as a philosophy that people are opposed to. This is an exaggerated pretension that is revealed in the play.  The Narrator’s character underground and on normal cases seems to conflict and therefore revealing inconsistency in the play which has come out so clearly.  Too much use of imagination is revealed in the movie and thus does not have a realistic touch thus limiting it’s relate ability to the normal person (DeFrancisco, 2007).

The play was however received well by the people although it has been criticized based on how the characters failed to make their roles as interesting as they should be. In spite of these, the movie has been considered humorous, original and thought provoking in terms of the artwork and the graphics that were employed. It received a considerable popularity especially in association with the Novel’s author who received great credit on the same. It came in its own way in standing in uniqueness in relation to most Hollywood movies.

The movie is suitable for fiction and not for entertainment since it can have diverse effects on children who will imitate and act out the violence and language that is used in the play. This is why it’s applicable only to adults who are able to reason out and discern the right behavior from the evil and follow proper stand point that will minimize conflicts with people.

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