In America studies show that more than 95% of American household have a TV set and almost 35% of the same have more than two television sets.  When it comes to the use of the internet statistics show that by the end of June this year, about 37% of the North Americans were using the internet that translates to about 267000000 people, South American had 42%, a population of about 156000000 people using the internet (Miniwatts Marketing Group). The usage in the Central America and the Caribbean were much lower, about 17% or 38million for Central America and 9million or 4.5% for the Caribbean. Media exist to inform the masses generally, to advocate for a defined goal like advertising or political communications, and entertain by enabling the people listen to music or watch sports. It also plays a major role in educating the people like video and audio programs like the national geographic and other scholarly work can found on websites and other TV programs. About 49% of American confesses that they spent a lot of time watching the TVs or browsing the internet.

So how the use of the media does affects the user? Answering the aforementioned question requires one to look at the one both the merits and demerits of the watching or viewing the TV sets or the site visited. On the positive side the media has been able to perform its role in that most of the citizenry have been informed and a majority of the population depends on the media as a source of information. Viewers of national and federal TV channels have been able to know what is happening around the world. Americans are at per with the political issues and debates like for example the health care bill that had been given enough media coverage. For one to get to really fill the devastations, hunger and misery of the people in America and around the world for example the cholera outbreak in Haiti, he or she need to see the pictures and videos that are run in most of the mass media. The effect of the hurricanes like Katrina could not be felt and hence people are willing to help the victims if it was not for the media. Another real advantage of the media can be seen with the recent oil spill disaster along the Gulf of Mexico that has been televised and so put the national government and BP to task to clear the mess.

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Mass media has also the advantage of reaching the targeted audience for example the children programs that were run in the 1960s have been praised for being able to “speak” to the children directly , for example, captain kangaroo and mister Rodgers.  Most of the posts on the internet and advertisement in the television will definitely reach the intended audience. The internet has also brought the world closer by eliminating both natural boundaries like mountains, rivers, sea and oceans by providing the latest information and news by just a click of the mouse. When it comes to marketing, most of the enterprises have been able to get their product and services to be known through TV ads and posts on the internet hence businesses have been able to grow by the help of the media as most of the people buy what they see and not necessarily what they need.

People have been and will continue to be entertained by the media through watching movies, plays, music videos and other feature and as the maxim of too much work inundating jack, and thereby making him a dull boy. Statistics shows that about 6million videos are rented in America daily and the massive support of TV programs such as America got talent and talk show like Oprah and Tyra banks shows clearly indicate that most of the Americans get entertained while watching. Mass media has proven handy when it comes to education as most of the topic that were traditionally covered in classes and/or laboratories or workshop are how available on the internet and also on the television where experts have demonstrated  the subject content and a student can follower step by step hence made learning better (Gormly, 119). Such teaching and learning aids have the advantage of enabling one to revisit the learning material any time any where so long as the student has access to the internet. Online libraries have become a cliché to many in America and even the rest of the world where the modern telecommunication has been embraced. The instructor or lectures have also been aided by the same.

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