Using mass media in health promotion happens widely in local, regional and international fields. The outcomes of many mass media campaigns are not yet realized or proven as successful, but there is a prospect that mass media has an enormous influence in health promotion (McClelland, 1997). The power of the media in health promotion is undeniable. Mass media provide the mass with messages as well as information that influences their actions and decisions in varying ways (Donovan, 1993). Nevertheless, the public can permit the media to disrupt its life or use it as a way of improving health status through promotion of health campaigns. To make the appropriate use of the media in health promotion, there is a need to apply the theories of mass media that explain the impact and role of mass media in the entire public as well as in the humanity as a whole (Tilford, 1994).

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Mass media addresses specific problems in the health sectors, which are why there is, need to specialize and major in some of these areas therefore, capitalizing on any chance to promote health within the society (Donovan, 1993). Lack of success in mass media health promotion is probably due to its oversimplification or the prevailing segmented view of health. There is a need to develop a more holistic approach to the mass media taking into account six dimensions in health promotion including physical, mental, intellectual, social, psychological, and environmental (Health Development Agency, 2004). The placement of these dimensions as themes in mass media health promotion could salvage the situation and help use of Internet, radio, pamphlets, talks, television, projectors, cultural expressions, plays, dances, role models, puppets, and other social interactions media avenues develop success in health promotion (French, 2004).

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