An appropriate means of communication is which both appropriate to the organization and the employees. The organization and the employees are the key members as far as organization culture is concern. Any modification which is to be made to any current communication strategy is meant to better the existing strategy. It should in general pass communication in a more effective way. Borrowing from the case study, the modification did a lot of good to the employees. There are cases in the article which shows much employer communication existed when they were engaged in group discussion.

Communication modification can therefore be said to be used when more ground need to be covered in an effective and appropriate manner. The modification will depend with time and one need to the sensitive in order to know the right when there is need for such a modification. In the case study, there were signals which helped Lewis to move on and make some modification of the communication (Lewis 2000).       

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Communication is an important aspect of management. Every department of an organization should ensure that communication in the organization is carried out effectively. Without effective communication the process of good and service production will not be effective. Communication plays a major role in uniting labor as a factor of production. The case of Lewis is one of those which effectively show the significance of communication. Through effective communication Lewis was able pull and rejuvenate department in a struggling organization.

The communication used also matters. Different techniques of communication are used for different occasions. One needs to be carefully when choosing the strategy of passing a message across. Different situations demand different strategies to be used. At times there will be a need for modification of the strategies to fit personalized cases. In general communication in a corporate setting is a very important aspect of management of which if not carried out carefully can have adverse effects on the organization.   

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