The poem, America, was set up in a background of oppression. The author is addressing the pains and stresses that he is undergoing. He is expressing his unwillingness to yield though he is oppressed and tortured. He considers that though he will be humiliated and denied the reason to be alive he would readily take that as his strength. Though there be no hope in the future, he will still eagerly gaze into it. The author brings out the efforts of the oppressor to cause fear and terror among the people by portraying their immense size yet the people are erect against the pain experienced (Burt, S. and Mikics,2010).

The author is keen to bring out the state of event among the people and their feelings in relation to their rulers and oppressors hence a feeling of impending revolution and defiance of the authority in place (Burt, S. and Mikics D, 2010).

In the narrative, The Birthmark, the integration of science and love was brought out as impossible and to have it effected it involves merging of the two. The science committed Aylmer was faced with the greatest challenge of his life, a challenge that drove away happiness in him causing him to shudder. This was the mark on his wife’s cheek. An enviable beauty as she was, Georgiana had a conspicuous mark on her cheek, which caused different comments to be hurled at her by her peers and her suitors to have second thoughts (Hawthorne, N, 2007).

To some it was a mark of beauty while others perceived it as a blemish upon her perfect beauty. The science filled Aylmer has his attention on the mark. He spends a lot of time coming up with an appropriate scientific chemical that would clear the blemish from her face. Sure enough he finds out the appropriate chemical to solve his greatest problem, but at the cost of his wife’s life, Georgina dies in the course of treatment. The scientist loses the battle (Hawthorne, N, 2007).

In both writings, the authors are keen to bring out the disgust if the individuals to the circumstances around them and their desire to change the situation. The personas were concerned so much on the outcome of the events that they do not perceive any right in the state of event of events (Tiller, T, 1994).  . As a result of the extent of their disgust in the state of events, they willingly go out into corrective measures regardless of the cost they might have to pay. The scientist in his bid for correcting the mark on his wife’s face pays the price by losing the wife to death, while the unrelenting liberator pushes on towards defiance of the masters’ rules, which would certainly result in death and bloodshed (Tiller, T, 1994).

While narrative, the birth mark, centered on the need to accept conditions around us as works of nature hence should be accepted as they are. It is continually striving to discourage the desire for perfection as it may come with immense sacrifice and cost and rather we should appreciate nature. The poet, America is encouraging dissatisfaction with what we do not like and tolerate. The author is keen to address the fact that no one should be subjected to events they do not appreciate (Tiller, T. 1994).

In conclusion, Birthmark and America differs considerably in their technological know how and how they deal with their citizens. The authors’ portrays some signs of oppression as a show of how different the two states are. Technological know how is seen as a form of beauty in Birthmark hence is extremely much appreciated by their citizens and the governors. The individuals are portrayed as being ready to take charge of the situations at hand and ensure that there is technological development in their countries. Hence in both countries citizens has a role, to play in their development.

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