Macs and PCs have been in competition since the mid 1980s. Recently, Macs have emerged as the front-runners and the most advanced computers. Although PCs have been well received in the market, Macs are the favorites. This has largely been attributed to the fact that PCs are considered as having an unreliable operating system. Users need a computer that they can save their work in without fear of loss of data. Consequently, Macs, which offer a reliable data storage system, have won the supremacy battle.

The most popular Mac is MacBook Pro. It is sleek, beautiful and fast. Its body frame is made of hard aluminum. In addition, it has a 15” glass monitor. The MacBook Pro weighs approximately 5.6 pounds. The keyboard is backlit with LED lights. In addition, it entails a stereo speaker located under the keyboard’s frame. It has a 2.4 GHz Ram (how fast it can process applications or programs) and has 500GB to 700GB memory space. Finally, it runs the Lion OS operating system. On the other hand, PC’s most favorable laptop is Dell XPS which has a robust and bulky plastic body frame. The monitor is constructed with a 15” multi-color LCD screen and weighs approximately7.6 Pounds. It has a 2.2 GHz Ram and 750 GB memory space and runs Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

While both laptops have similar speed and memory, the MacBook Pro presents an easy-to-use interface. It is user-friendly and has built-in tutorials to guide the person through the system. It has a very simple layout of how to manage applications, files, and media. In addition, its unique multi-touch pad enables an individual to use figure-sliding gestures to access parts of the Lion OS quickly. The Lion OS has many shortcuts and is easily customized. On the other hand, the Dell XPS is very complicated and confusing. It has no built-in tutorial and has few shortcuts. Moreover, the Dell XPS’s Window 7’s icons and programs are poorly organized. This presents difficulties in finding applications, files, and media. If the user wants to find a specific application or document in Windows 7, he or she has to open a tab and then search for the file or folder. The results are normally countless and may not be related to the desired file. However, when using the Lion OS, the user has to only use one figure-sliding gesture on the touch pad which generates a menu with all the applications. The application menu allows you to view all applications in one page without a need for a search tab.

The MacBook Pro is not only friendly but also very reliable and secure. Whether the user is a student or a businessperson, one does not have to worry about viruses or numerous unwanted errors on his/her computer. The Lion OS does not need an anti-virus program for protection since its operating system is unique which renders it impossible to hack. In addition, the MacBook Pro is error free thus eliminating any reason to call technical services. On the other hand, when using the Dell XPS, the user keeps worrying about the threat of perilous viruses and errors. When using the Dell XPS’s Windows 7, there is always a possibility of a system crash, loss of important files and freezing. Having anti-virus programs does not fully protect the Dell XPS and technical services may not find a solution to any resultant errors. Hence, the Dell XPS is very unreliable and unsafe.

Additionally, the Dell XPS does not support some media files. Its media center fails in providing a friendly and compatible interface for viewing music, movies, and TV shows. A person has to download a program or search for relevant applications in various websites in order to view media files. This leads to unnecessary media content downloads that cause absolute confusion on what program one should use. For instance, when trying to connect the computer to the TV, the user has to buy countless cords and mash buttons in order to view the media files. The MacBook Pro supports various media files. Its simplicity is defined through two programs: iTunes and App Store. For music, movies, and TV shows, iTunes avails an easy way to view and listen. In addition, iTunes grants the user the ability to manage music files on MacBook and Apple media devices. The App Store has enormous collection of games, music, movies, and programs. When connecting the MacBook Pro to the TV, the user has an option as to whether to use a wireless Internet connection or connect through a universal cord depending on the type of the television. Therefore, the MacBook Pro ensures that the user is not only in a position to view a particular media file but also enjoy watching the file.

Obviously, the MacBook Pro dominates in media files presentation. In addition, it is has made giant leaps in its performance and construction. In particular, the 2.4 GHz i7 Intel Processor has rendered it superior. This gives the MacBook Pro the ability to run numerous programs without freezing or crashing. Besides, the AMD Radeon HD 6750Mgraphic card presents life-like quality pictures and can handle high-graphic level games. The 15” glass monitor helps enhance the viewership quality and design. The monitor has a built in HD face time camera. The camera not only allows the user to video chat but also to take photographs.  Finally, the computer is made of aluminum thus weighs less than the Dell XPS, which is made of plastic. However, the Dell XPS falls short in speed since it has a 2.2 GHz i7 Intel Processor.

Macs are becoming the global leaders in computing. With their unmatched technology and design, the PC is being forced to play second fiddle. It is becoming weaker as more businesses and college students buy Macs because of their reliability and security.

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