In the recent past, French parenting has been in the spotlight with different people suggesting that French parents have a much better approach to parenting than American parents. In essence, these sentiments imply that French parents have a more hand-off approach to parenting than the usual hyper-involved American parents. This study paper will analyze the superiority of French parenting approaches over the American parenting. To understand this aspect on a broader perspective, the paper will explore views such as the philosophies about how each side views their children, opposing methods concerning how they raise their children. In addition, the study paper will investigate the opposing effects on the personalities of the children, patience, and how each parent reacts to different situations related to the parenthood.


American parents teach their children patience as a virtue and vital quality for every child. The French parents, on the other hand, actively teach their children to become more patient. For instance, American parents simply hearten their children to go through key after key until their presentation is faultless despite probable aggravation. In French parenting, by putting forth their power in a non-threatening way, guide children how to deal with dissatisfaction by saying no when essential and demanding a polite manner of speaking like hello, good bye, sorry, thank you. In addition, French parents teach their children that their needs are not the only priority in life and should, therefore, be considerate to other people’s needs. Observing French children, it is evident that they must accept and act within the frame of rules which their parents establish. In American culture, parents encourage the opposite behavior by becoming more involved in their childish natures. American parents obsess over their actions and lay emphasis on the significance of children being kids (Mousli & Stoller, 2009). These actions include playing with the children, running around the house, and other activities, which aim at rubbishing any sense of parental control in a child’s mind. On the rules aspect, French parents have the authority to implement their set rules which signify their authority over their kids. For instance, French babies sleep through the night at 3 months as a rule.

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Even though, French, as well as American parents, engage in their children’s education and learning experiences, French parents are less obsessive about the entire experience. Statistics indicate that both French and American parents may involve their children in outdoor activities like the museum and art gallery trips. Notable is the fact that French parents will not be seen obsessed in chasing their children around the park. At the playgrounds, French kids play enthusiastically but never show tantrums when it is time to go home or do not have it their way. On a wider perspective, American children have free roam over things like refrigerators while French off-springs must wait for adult guidance during mealtime. Actually, French kids have three meals a day and one snack around 4 pm. Whether it is a cookie jar or the chocolate bar in the kitchen cabinet, American parents must be watchful. The French parents, through their approach to parenting, can spare a few hours to themselves. Whatever the French parenting approach employs, it allows parents to have much less stress and more joy than American parents. In contrast, American parents seem to over-parent and are hyper-vigilant about any probable danger, leading to stress, exhaust of parents (Coontz, 1992).


French parents allow their children to entertain themselves. In case the kids get bored they do not go about disturbing their parents or other adults but instead create their own form of entertainment. The American kids will mostly want parents’ involvement in their play activities. The constant engagement in children’s lives dispels any form of independence and creativity in the child’s life because they profoundly rely on the parents’ guidance. In any parenthood situation, this should not be the case, as parents need to allow their children to grow independently and wisely. All aspect put into perspective, French parenting overpowers the American parenting system which is evident from observing kids from both parenting approaches.

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