It is usual for one to follow specific steps in order to accomplish writing a comprehensive essay. One can compare such a process with playing games, computer programming and Motorcycle riding, among other activities. Before riding a motorcycle, one needs to do some pre-checks, understand the speed limits and comprehend the rules of the road, amongst other considerations. In the same way, one should understand the writing rules; understand the audience, grammar, tone and the environment, amongst other things.

Motorcyclists are frequently asked to perform some pre-checks before embarking on motorcycle riding. Such checks include inspecting the oil levels, fuel lines, coolant level, pressure, clutch, wheels, exhaust, horns, signals and connectors, amongst other motorcycle parts (NRC, 2010, p. 64). The motorist should also check the effectiveness of his/her protective gear. Such pre-checks are similar to the organization done before writing an essay. One should ensure that he or she has all the needed materials needed for writing. This includes the writing tools, research materials and any other information or tools that they may need prior to, during or after writing (Pike & Acosta, 2011, p. 78). This aids the writer to avoid any confusion, or disorganization that may distract him/her or take place during the writing process. However, organization may take more or less time than the pre-checks depending on the essay.

In addition, understanding the speed limits of a motorcycle is significant. Knowing this enables the motorist to understand his scope when riding the motorcycle (NRC, 2010, p. 47). This can be compared to the audience targeted when one embarks on writing the essay. For example, one targeting children cannot write the same essay as one targeting teenager or adults. Similarly, one writing an essay targeting law students cannot write the same essay as one targeting art or geography students. The one writing law essays will need to quote landmark cases while the art student quotes results from past researches. The topic chosen and the approaches used should be appropriate for the audience (Pike & Acosta, 2011, p. 32). For example, while adults are comfortable with reading long and complex essays, children are comfortable with short and precise essays. Teenagers are comfortable with reading essays that have interesting storylines regardless of the length.

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Furthermore, before riding a motorcycle, knowing how to ride the motorcycle is the most basic and important thing. One can compare this to the grammatical part of essay writing. Essays cannot be comprehensive and exemplary if they are grammatically incorrect. In the same way, one cannot ride a motorcycle, if they do not know how to sit on the motorcycle, start it and take off. In order to accomplish this part of the process one should start with writing short and simple essays in order to understand whether their grammar is correct (Kennedy & Gioia, 2007, p. 39). Correcting the small mistakes will aid one to correct the big mistakes found in the lengthy and complex essays. The suitable grammar enables one to communicate effectively through the message. If one does not now how to start and take off the motorcycle, he/she will not reach his/her destination. As motorcyclist needs the assistance of an instructor, a writer should ask for the assistance of a tutor so that he/she can recognize and correct his/her grammatical mistakes.

 One can equate the rules of writing to the rules of the road. One gets a difficult time riding, if he/she is unaware of the rules of the road. Although motorcyclist might get to his/her destination safely, he has higher risks of getting accidents or other sorts of inconveniences than those who know the rules. Similarly, writers may achieve the target even without knowing the rules of writing. However, they have higher chances of failing to achieve this than those who know the rules. Road rules include riding on the correct side of the road, following the road slides, which includes applying the speed limits as shown, amongst other rules. Writing rules include researching on the topic, analyzing the arguments and information presented, brainstorming, picking a thesis, writing the outline, writing the introduction, body and the conclusion of the essay. One should use the appropriate citing and referencing style where needed (Kennedy & Gioia, 2007, p. 17).

One can compare the tone of the essay with the type of motorcycle used. The tone of the essay heavily relies on the intended listeners and the topic (Pike & Acosta, 2011, p. 41). Diverse motorcycles are used for the occasion and the targeted destination. For example, a motorcycle used for transport purposes may not be appropriate for sporting activities. The tone utilized in passing information to the children may not be used to communicate a message to the adults. A humorous or comical tone is appropriate for one attracting the children’s attention as opposed to using a critical tone. However, the critical tone is appropriate for one targeting the audience in writing about political issues.

In conclusion, for example, rules applying for academic essays may not apply to other informal essays. However, some rules such as using the correct grammar and knowing the audience apply to all essays. One must ensure that he/she achieves the target of riding the motorcycle. Similarly, one must ensure that he/she achieves the target of writing the essay in the right way.  Just like motorcycle riding, a few adjustments may be needed when writing an essay. Some rules that apply to road motorcyclists may not apply to sports motorcyclists.        

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