A report is an organized way of presenting data .In this essay we going to see the similarities and differences between intranets and extranets in form of a report. An intranet is a private sector in the field of internet that only authorized people are able to use. On the other end an extranet is a private network which prolongs its service to companies or other partners apart from the employees. Below are diagrams showing each one of them:


Extranet and intranet have a host of similarities and these include;

  • Both improve communication among customers and employees in a firm.
  • They are a faster means of delivering data whenever it is needed hence saves time and money.
  • Both a safer when it comes to the security of a data in that only the authorized people can access. Both improve productivity within a firm through sharing of ideas and skills.
  • Both requires password for control access of the system.
  • Both improve customer's services. They enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency among the employees.
  • They empower their users with knowledge and keep them updated. Both easens work and makes the working environment life this is because the employee does enjoy the services.
  • They both encourage collectiveness of data in central place/location for easy reference. The form a collaboration tool among customers, employees, distributed work office.
  • Both are easy to use by the customers and all users with an aid of internet. Paper work is reduced by use of both systems by use the use of databases for storage of data these encourages safer means of information and eliminates congestion in the work area. (Introduction to intranet and extranet and Benefits of intranets and extranets).


With the existence of the above similarities, there exists differences as well and they include;

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  • An intranet only covers the area around a given organization unlike an extranet which extends to other authorized organizations (Business link).
  • Employees communicate via e-mails in an intranet whereas in an extranet communication is via WebPages. (Business link)
  • Competition within organizations is enhanced by the use of an extranet due to its flexibility unlike in intranet whereby only the employees of the given organization are allowed to access.( Business link)
  • More customers are reached on an extranet system due to its flexibility with other firms as compared to an intranet system which is limited to its employees.(Business link)
  • Extranets offer cheap and easy way for business to trade with their partners unlike intranets.
  • Expansion of organization is guaranteed through sharing of ideas in an extranet system as compared to in intranet system.
  • Less capital is required to install an intranet system as compared to an extranet system which extends its access to other firms.
  • Employees in an intranet system have minimal disturbances as compared to an extranet system which have extended its usage to other firms.
  • New products on sale are well noticed in an extranet system compared to an intranet which is has limited access to other markets.
  • Resources are easily shared in an extranet as compared to an intranet.
  • The infrastructure required in an intranet is less to an extranet system.
  • Sales and products are advertised in an extranet that enhances market unlike in an intranet.
  • An extranet system gives a quick response to its customers and suppliers receive proposals easily.
  • Extranet allows flexible working environment whereby information is reached in 24hours despite the location where one could be.
  • Security is highly considered in extranet to avoid interference form an authorized people unlike in intranet ((Introduction to intranet and extranet and Benefits of intranets and extranets).


The essay above has dealt with the similarities and differences of the intranet and extranet. While an intranet is like a private internet that can be accessed by employees only, an extranet is a secure private internet extending company operations over the internet.

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