Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to today's lecture which will talk about the advantages of being single in college and also that of being married in college. In our talk today, I will tackle both advantages; that of remaining single while in college and also the advantages of getting married while as a student in college.   

To start with, I will first highlight the advantages of being single in college. When a young people go to college, their main purpose is to extend their education. At the same time, the students are trying to cope with peer group pressure as well as hormonal changes. If single, a student will have less distraction and focus on their work than letting hormones control their bodies. This is a time that students will find out who they are as it's a phase into adulthood.

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Ladies and gentlemen, while young marriages are typically looked upon in our society, many of our young college students reap the benefits of marriage while in college. The benefits of marrying while in college include; a combined income and expenses for the couple. Couples who are married in college will pool their resources together and reduce expenses and getting rid of buying duplicate items. Another advantage is that there are increased chances of fertility. For a young couple who want to have children in their early 20s, they have higher chances than on their 30s. last but not least, the college years are viewed as the years of discovery, having a companion during this time can be beneficial because it is easy to feel lost  and alone during these times. The discovery period can be beneficial and less traumatic as the student has someone who can encourage him/her.


Today we have looked at the advantages of being single as well as those of being married in class. We have seen that while being single in college, students have more freedom and independence, there is increased focus on studying and time for oneself to study and understand himself/herself fully. But again being married in college has got its advantages. Having somebody to encourage you during times of self-discovery is indeed beneficial. The students will also increase their chances of fertility while they are young. Other advantages are having a combined income and expenses which are shared and gaining from grants and scholarships specifically available to married students. Am really grateful for your attendance and I would like to thank you all for your attention today.

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