Beauty is an aspect, an attribute or characteristic that a person has which can be defined as anything that appeals the other individual. It could be one's looks personality or even habits that would be attractive to other people. It is really very hard to enumerate these features because they vary from one person to the next and are also very many.

Physical beauty could refer to someone's outer attributes such as elegance, complexion or figure while inner beauty is more concerned with someone's traits such as a sense of humor, character or good general behavior, kind heart, empathy, always helping nature. This definition changes depending on how an individual perceives beauty.

Science has alluded that one can be said to be beautiful if they possess facial features that are nearly symmetrical. This again is a very subjective issue that is yet to be fully proven. Inner beauty on the other hand is of the intellect and mostly refers to people with good intentions to pleasing others. It is therefore true to say that inner beauty is something that has to be psychologically or mentally perceived.

Many argue that beauty of the inside is far better and more preferable than physical beauty. This is because, despite having any good looks, bad behavior is likely to tarnish one's attractiveness to others to an extent that the superficial attributes do not even matter anymore. One may be the personification of physical beauty but what matters at the end of the day is their inner beauty. Purity within outshines what is on the face and it will always show no matter what he physical looks are.

Another key difference between outer beauty and inner beauty is that, while physical beauty is mostly given naturally through birth, one can however work toward attaining true inner beauty by simply changing their characters to match what is attractive to the people around them. The obsession with the search for only physical beauty neglects the inner beauty which could be the most important aspect in a human being. It is the aura that we bring about in our lives and even the spiritual aspect of our livelihoods.

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Attraction to physical matter can also be said as to be driven by subject matter while that of inner beauty is considered as being objective. Objectivity is about understanding the inside first, liking it and then liking the outside next. It is rather unfair to discriminate against physical beauty because the subject mostly has no say on how they would want to look from the outside but people can choose to be nice and well behaved, which turns out to be a very pleasant characteristic to possess for an individual.

The demand for physical attractiveness is also short-lived as compared to the quest for inner beauty. People that are thought to be physically attractive could later seem not so appealing to them if they start to behave in an unpleasant manner. However, if someone is always well mannered and has a love and kindness to people, they will forever be perceived to possess inner beauty that cannot be taken away from them.

Inner beauty is also about how you feel about yourself. When you feel beautiful, that is inner beauty. On the other hand physical beauty is left for the judgment of the onlooker. Inner beauty in this way is about how we feel and treat each other.

We should also note that physical beauty changes everyday according to what the society reflects on us through television, movie, media, the role models around us religion and many other social factors. This therefore means that what looks beautiful today might not be regarded as beautiful in the future. This is unlike inner beauty whose fundamental principles can stand the test of time. Attributes such as kindness, love, helping others and many more have been considered as excellent inner beauty attributes for generations as well as across different sections of the society such as race and religion.

I conclusion, we can say that inner beauty has a higher meaning on how we look at what is attractive. We should be more interested in the inner beauty first before seeking what is on the outside. This is however yet to be realized as most people are blinded by what they see on the outside only to later realize that the people they were attracted to are not as beautiful on the inside. As long as this happens, many will not fully enjoy the gift of people that are beautiful inside but rather be driven by an obsession to like what looks beautiful on the outside.

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