In this paper I am going to highlight on the meanings, differences between social control theory and conflict theory; and highlight on the best theory to use in solving criminal cases in United States of America.

The social control theory suggests that each and every person's values, commitment, norms and beliefs are guided unconsciously as they are encouraged not to break the laws. These laws are then initialized by individuals who adhere to the ways that there morals require them to do. This will ensure controlled behaviors of individuals either in public or in enclosed places.

Social control theory is a theory that seeks to recognize the ways in which one can reduce the possibility criminal behaviors developing in an individual in the near future (Hirschi, 2002). The theory states that the behaviors of an individual isn't influenced by the activities and the environment in which the individual is living in. It states that the morality is as a result of a social order. Therefore, the results of ones choices negative choices later results to evil illegal or even immoral behaviors.

Conflict theory emphasizes on social, material and political inequality in any social group. According to Livesey, (2005) the theory criticizes the structural functionalism and ideological functionalism, the theory also Marjory dwells on power disparities and it's against historical theories.

In comparing between conflict theory to social control theory it's noted that both theories support maintenances of law and order in the society. Therefore, the theories are both supporting the existence of law and order in the society, as they set the standards required the society to abide by the rules without being monitored or commanded to do what they are supposed to do rightly (Livesey, 2005).

The two theories are also advocated for the religion, the two theories supported the existence of religion as they believed in the existence of God and they also believed that God always wanted positive behaviors that would provide good society cultures and interaction in the society

The theories also relates with education. This is because individuals will be able to clear new ideas that will facilitate the proper functioning of the society and at the sane time improve on the standards of the individuals who adhere to the rules and requirements of the theories.

Another comparison between the conflict theories to social control theory is that they control sexuality. Such that they provide the society with the proper guidance of the ways in which they are supposed to behave thus each sex has to play a certain part / role in order to place the required law and order in the society (s) adults (Bourricaud, 2003).

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The conflict theory to social control theory is seen as the measures that evaluate the personal behaviors of an individual with the interaction to adopt to the society(s) norms. Thus both theories regulate the behaviors of an individual and provide guidance to individuals to live according to the ways that the society recommends them to live without infringing into the ways one is supposed to behave in the society.

The theories also give people room for resolving a dispute that is caused by a person. This ensures that incase someone causes a mistake, that individual will be able to say the cause of the result. From that the individual will be able to be forgiven as the theories understands that man is prone to mistakes as he is not the only one who has done the mistake and also there are certain factors that pushed one into doing the mistake.

In order to restore order in the society and reduce crime activities in the society we have to implement certain ideas that will ensure that the society has good conducts by the use of the social control theory it will have some positive and negative. The most suitable theory to be used in the restoration of the laws in the contemporary American is the social control theory. Therefore, an individual will be used in the use of restoring peace and order in the society. Therefore, this theory is mostly guiding the individuals to become more suitable and effective to the contemporary American society (Bourricaud, 2003).

The nature of the American laws will be shaped through use of the social control theory. This will automatically cause the theory to be corrected and monitored in order to reduce the aspects of the power to reduce the rates of crimes in the society. Thus, the order will ensure that individuals will be guided by there actions that are acquired from there beliefs.

Another reason that has made me to choose social control theory is for the fact that the theory regulates individual's moods. This is because the individuals are given an opportunity to exercise the required behaviors without being forced or monitored by the other members of the society (Hirschi, 2002). This will give the individuals an opportunity to show there own behaviors without being influenced into doing to do what they are doing.

The positive results for the use of the theory is that the society will be able to maintain law and order in the community without the influence of the others the community will ensure that the individuals will be able to practice what they are supposed to be doing. The negative results of the use of the theory are that it would increase the rates of the crime. This will be experienced in that the individuals will be forced into doing things that the environment in which the individuals live in (Bourricaud, 2003). Thus, this will make the people to break laws with the pretence of the individuals saying that they are forced into doing what they do in order to fulfill the requirement of the environment /surrounding that they live in.

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