There are multiple personal computer models in the market that are designed to meet varying computing needs for users. Therefore, it is wise to review several models in order to obtain the one that best meets the requirements that can satisfy the needs at hand. A comparison of three different laptop models will be given in this paper and a recommendation given on the best laptop of choice. These models are the Toshiba Qosmio X305, HP ProBook 4520s and the Apple MacBook Pro. All the three are modern laptops designed to meet growing computing needs for personal and business use. Each of these will be briefly reviewed in this study.

            The Toshiba Qosmio X305 is well suited for multimedia and gaming uses with an Intel processor that has multicore technology. Its powerful graphics hardware makes it more robust for graphical applications and is packed with enough memory and storage to handle a range of uses without limitations. This clean and compact laptop is good for users who want powerful processing especially in multimedia applications. Nonetheless, it has a weakness with battery life (Toshiba Qosmio X305, n.d).  On the other hand, the HP ProBook 4520s is a sleekly designed to appeal to small and medium business people for various needs. It packs the Intel Core line of processors to enhance performance and reliability relative to previous models (Cangeloso, 2009). Its build quality is excellent with a metal lid that improves its mechanical strength. However, it has little upgrade access as a major weakness.

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Lastly, the Apple MacBook Pro is reputed as the fastest notebook on the globe (Macbook Pro Review, 2010). Its series of processors are touted as the most powerful multicore processors Intel. It is also the thinnest PC on the planet with an appealing aluminum body. This laptop can handle huge amounts of tasks especially with its matching graphics processor for multimedia applications. Moreover, the MacBook Pro is energy efficient which makes it the best laptop model for business users on the move.

            In conclusion, the Apple MacBook Pro is the recommended laptop model as it can handle personal and business needs quite efficiently. It can do so much more. 

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