It is a natural desire of every parent to grow up their children as independent and moral persons.. It is also a fact that children tend to emulate everything their parents execute. Parents, particularly mothers, are considered to be the preliminary source of influence on little children. If they do not lead a moral life, it is evident that their children’s conduct will be of a similar nature or perhaps even worse (William 1). The family is perceived as the basic unit of the society, and it is expected that they make efforts to mould their children into adults with a better position in the society.

Parents affect the behaviors of their children in many ways but mainly through their actions, as well as in the way they mould their lifestyles. Good-intended actions and healthy lifestyle will be reflected in children’s life when their parents encourage them to build up positive ethics and better moral values. It is evidently clear that when parents spend quality time with their children, they will assist them in developing positive character traits (personalities), which they will improve as well as they grow to stand for meaningful members of the society. Unlike the influence impacted by celebrities, those influences by parents are direct and first hand. Information and actions which are perceived by children are portrayed straight forwardly.

When children mature to comprehend the existence of celebrities, they tend to emulate the, some even try to adore them. However, it should be noted that children are influenced by celebrities indirectly, in the sense that the children are not placed in a position where they will perceive the actual lives of the celebrities. They are only limited to follow them in fashion magazines, social sites and television series. It is wise to say that the lives of the celebrities depicted in public are mostly artificial meaning. They actually never execute what they say in the open. In most cases, these celebrities impact negative influence on these kids as whole. For instance, little girls tend to grow thinner and prettier and will carry out everything on their way to look like these celebrities (William 1-2).

Celebrities are known to impact on the lives of other members of the society. Their lifestyle, behavior, habits shape the lives of younger fans. Celebrities use photography to affect this influence so that young minds imagine them to be cool and catchy. This level of influence goes way beyond art, fashion, as well as, the physicality obsession, the latter being the foremost determinant in effecting this influence altogether.

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Celebrities are also known to possess a certain form of power which they use in involving others into their issues (William 2). It is a normal phenomenon for people, especially young children, to adore famous people while these same people use innocence to their personal advantage. On the other hand, parents are mistaken considering that they will always direct their attention to children undividedly. While celebrities’ form of influence is obsessed with elements of physicality, parents are never concerned with the physical attributes of their children. For every parent, a child is always a child, and it will never make any difference when the child is either physically challenged or not since they will still remain with their children in whichever circumstance.

It should be noted that celebrities possess both negative and positive aspects. For instance, there are celebrities whose impact to the life of children portrays much optimism and positivity in general. For instance, there are celebrities who spend their time to tour schools teaching children on ways of becoming meaningful members of the society. This is echoed as a positive phenomenon. There are also well known celebrity figures, who pay their attention to sensitize people especially children about the importance of having a clean and pure environment free from noise and air pollution. This has been perceived as a positive move to creating awareness amongst little kids and thus termed as a positive form of influence.

Other celebrities have used their popular positions to facilitate positive change within community settings. For instance, popular musicians have been known to participate directly in charity programs, as they become direct sponsors to various programs, which are undertaken by children. This influences the children in better ways as they learn the importance of assisting the less fortunate in the society. In this way, celebrities assist parents in teaching children on the importance of emulating positive facets of the society.

In conclusion, parents and celebrities determine the environment within which children will grow and establish their life either positive or negative. Parents are the fundamental supporters for positive living among their children. They are advised to play the center role in shaping children lives. They play as champions in the lives of their children and when they engage in completely immoral activities like drug use, it provides platforms on the base of which their children risk becoming drug addicts in the future. Established facts indicate that parents who express negative emotions towards their children will in fact lead them to be exactly the pessimist member of the society (William 3).  On the other hand, celebrities are perceived as secondary sources of influence on children. They play a vital role in determining the lives of most children especially to those children whose guardians have abandoned their responsibilities as parents. 

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