We can describe internet as a worldwide computer network that provides a whole range of information and other services such as e mails. There is hardly any serious and competitive business venture that lacks internet connectivity.

A business that uses the internet in its operation enjoys benefits when compared with a business that has no access to the internet. Internet advertising has become popular, and it targets a larger audience so this will give the company an edge in competition. With the internet, people do things much faster. For instance, instead of travelling miles for a meeting the internet will facilitate video conferencing and skype services. This leads to minimization of operational costs, adding revenue to the business.

Various companies have established a niche in the sector of the internet business. Such companies include E-bay, Amazon and Google. Amazon in particular is a multinational company that deals with Ecommerce. It deals with books and electronic devices. It began as an offline store, but it has embraced technology, now it is the world largest retailer. They make use of the Linux technology to keep records of their database. Such businesses have adopted the latest software to give them a competitive advantage and store the bulk data.

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The internet has become an essential tool.  It’s not only businesses that benefit from it. Students, teachers, parents and any other kind of professional refer to the internet when they need information. The social sites have made many people to use the internet because it is the new mode of communication. The internet will not go away; instead, it will become more complex than it is now. In future, all transactions might be carried out online. This is the reason why all business should adopt the technology.

A web browser is an application that enables the computer to access the worldwide web. The two main web browsers are Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Other than allowing access to the internet, a browser has various features that will let you do other things in the internet, it has incorporated various tabs that will allow you to search different things, and you can retrieve stuff from the internet. It also manages your history and store links. Mosaic was the first graphical web browser. The three popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Bing.

Switching from host based to client server brings along some problems. Client server is expensive and complicated which makes it challenging.

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