Cloud computing refers to the process of delivering computer services as services instead of a product. This occurs where information, software and resources are provided to computers and other electronic devices as utility or usefulness over a network such as the internet.  Cloud computing is flexible and cost-effective for many business organizations. Cloud computing services in businesses enable applications and data to be accessed and stored online, instead of being maintained locally. Cloud computing revolves conventional software deliverance on its head using several methods such as low overhead, ease access of information, high availability, security, fast deployment, optimized performance, subscription-based pricing and energy saving. The Apple Company and the Legos Company uses cloud computing in business and have succeeded (Winkler, 2011). 

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The Apple Company has established cloud computing in their business ecosystem especially in the iPhones industry. The company provides an outstanding end-user device as well as a fascinating payment platform and market through which customers can access the iPhone applications. The company then permits the developers of the application to share in the victory without dealing with the trouble of running online shops and organizing online transactions, which are nuisance. The Apple Company supports these processes through its online iTunes platforms and App Store. Ultimately, the company makes a profit in the process (Bernstein et al., 2012).

Lego is a Danish company which is the fourth largest toy manufacturer in the universe. This company approaches its customers explicitly using the “Mindstorms” project. In this case, every interested fan of the Lego community has access to various message boards, design tools and other characteristics, to create models bring out model designs into the Lego community, and establish them as a group. Ultimately, the most interactive, most creative, best domestic and best exotic toys are awarded (Bernstein et al. 2012).

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