Modern life is impossible without using modern technologies and usage of the Internet resources. Many people begin a new day with turning on a computer, and only after this action a cup of coffee is made. Everything can be found with the help of the World Wide Web Internet: news, books, films, fashion trends, food recipes, work, friends, etc. Nowadays, social networks are the most haunted Internet resources. They help people to stay in touch despite to the geographical location. Social networks provide possibility to communicate with friends, comment on theirs statuses, photos, send messages, and invite for meetings (Teten 48).

Each social network contains other different groups. Facebook is a very popular and widely spread social network all around the world. There are many groups in Facebook created by its users. For example, there are work associates, where people from different offices and companies can post information for one another and discuss professional questions; there are university groups where students discuss their problems, ask for help, post some news about events they are going to organize etc. Mass media groups, e.g … are also present in Facebook network. These groups make TV celebrities closer to people who watch their shows and programs and in that way they can perfect their projects by asking TV viewers for their opinions. Musical and sport groups are quite popular in Facebook too. With the help of such networks people with the same musical taste can discuss news about their favorite singer or band, and sometimes celebrities are subscribed too and that gives an opportunity for fans to send messages and receive the answers. As to sport groups, Facebook users can comment on the latest news about their favorite teams and competition results there; Therefore that other group members, who had missed the event for some reasons, could know the score. Social networks save time for their users and give more opportunities to get the extended information according to professional and social interests, and that is a big positive point.

Moreover, it is possible to create any type of group in Facebook depending on person’s wish and interests. Anyone can network with the people, who love to read the same author, love to travel, love to cook or even groups with some humorous names like A Group for People Who Love to Eat in Bed and Leaving a Mess After or A Group for People Who Tried to Sneeze with Eyes Open etc. These groups help people to meet new friends and improve a mood discussing some funny life situations etc.

The profile of social network’s members is diverse, e.g. different age, social status, professions and interests.  That makes their communication differ from another group of interests. For example, let’s take two different networks and compare their information and members: a group for people who work at the same fire-proof technologies company and a group for Christina Aguilera fans. As for the first social group, it contains some information about the company, its official contacts and telephone numbers of its departments, fire-proof technologies, news added by users daily, photos of office workers, and some videos. They also create hot topics where they discuss their bosses (these topics are not visible for non-members), the date when the salary has been promised to be paid, some office scuttle-butts and so on. The written content on this network page is mostly correct, and it is hard to find some slang words.

As for Christina Aguilera’s social group, fans post on her photos, songs, videos, biography information, concerts time-table. These network’s users discuss Christina’ lifestyle, including her outfit, news, her new video scandal, the places she often visits, different stories about her,  etc. The members of this fan group are mostly under twenty one, and they write using slang. That means they do not pay attention to grammar, spelling, word choice, etc.

Every Facebook user signs in for some special needs and interests. If you ask a fan from Christina Aguilera’s group, he/she would probably tell you that the main aim of this network is to show new events from singer’s life and that is what he always looks for. There is nothing bad in that except the fact that in this way people limit their acquaintances with Aguilera’s fans and no new information from other fields of life is interesting for them. They write using slang, pay no attention to grammar and think that it is normal. In such way the illiterate young generation appears. If a member of fire-proof technologies’ group has been asked the same question, his/her answer would be that this social network helps him to stay in touch with his company members that work in far situated offices, and there is no need to search for new professional information in the whole internet. Therefore, the purpose of job-related or company-related social groups is to inform its members about particular issues. It is important to remember to use social networks for needs only but not to make them a main part of entertainment in life. A great amount of live sources is around everyone and they should be necessary used for people mental growth (Allee 103).

To conclude, social networks allow people to communicate and share their ideas with people all around the world. Social networks help to save time; however, sometimes people replace live communication with virtual communication, e.g. online chatting, when there is no real need in that. Whatever they say, it is much better to see the eyes of your interlocutor than write those common smile symbols (Johnson 210).

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