Variety is the spice of life. A person can do, see or experience something a thousand times but he can only do or experience it only once for the first time. Thus, first time experiences have the impact of leaving a reflective mark in people's memories for the rest of their lives. The greatest of the memories are as a result of interesting and outstanding real life experience. These experiences, no matter how small they are have the capacity to change a person's course of life in one way or the other.

Most memorable days of our lives are those in which we learn something new about ourselves

Memorable experiences are all over in our everyday life, from watching a simple programme on a television to interacting with the outdoor natural world. Routine duties can also create an impact on a person's memory (Kumar, 2000).   For instance, working on something new and meaningful to one's own life, starting a project that is quite challenging and requires a lot of creativity or even visiting a long time friend are all likely to be remembered in the future.

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Memorable moments also arise from social events. This is especially the case when one goes out with friends to enjoy the natural world which affords them the opportunity to enjoy such delicacies as sight seeing, mountain climbing, making fun and laughing off, eating from the open and many others (Tomlinson, 2006).


Reflecting on past life experiences has a strong influence on a person future life. The capacity to reflect on the past gives one an opportunity to make a tour of all his life and perhaps compare it with his present life. Thus one can always aspire to live the life he lived some time back if he finds that it was very pleasing. But also reflecting on the past life gives one an opportunity to acknowledge their misdeeds and maybe take appropriate precautionary measures to guard off against the reoccurrence of such bizarre experiences in later life.

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