It is evident that many writers are exposed first in writing a first messy draft keeping in mind that each of the other consequent draft will refine what is already there. It is obvious that from these "shitty first draft" writers are able to come with better second drafts and later on best third draft. "Shitty first draft" is seen as a way of accepting inner voices realizing that putting down these voices will outcome to something creative.

Writing is perceived as digging into the ground so as to find clay so that you can work on it. Regardless of what it contains, first draft creates room of what will be a beautiful writing enjoyed and adorable to many individuals. The first priority when one indulges in writing drafts are to try as possible find and collect as much information as we can. Writers do not type what is their mind with hope that later on they will continue typing to develop a book, rather they sit down formulate their ideas regardless on amount of time taken so as to write down a perfect book (Lamott's, 2011).

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According to Lamott's, (2011), the first shitty draft is compared to the first time a child writes. It allows an individual to pour out ideas romp over them and later shaping it for your readers to enjoy. You need to have a starting point in everything you do. Therefore shitty drafts act as milestones towards creation of perfect book. From this statement one is allowed to conclude that first draft is where you get down, second draft is the up down implying that you need to fix it, the third draft is termed as dental draft whereby you need to keep on editing it for perfection.

In summary, "shitty first drafts" automatically leads to the development into something writers can be excited about. Books published emerge from the fact that a shitty draft was written whose result is an eye catching book. It is therefore correct to state that drafts are important toward every writer.

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