Space exploration is using astronomy  and space technology to explore the outer space. Human space flights and robotic space craft are used for physical exploration of the said outer space while reliable recorded history is used for observation of objects in space. Physical exploration became a reality in the 20th century with the development of large and relatively efficient rockets. Common underlying principle used for exploring space include advancing scientific research, uniting different nations, ensuring the future survival of humanity and developing military and strategic advantages against other countries. There has been a lot of criticism about if the space program is really worth the cost that has so far been used for its development since it became operational.

The space program technology has within a spam of thirty years   resulted in more than one thousand five hundred commercial products that have made it easier to do our day to day activities. Rain water purification systems have been made that has helped developing countries avoid getting diseases associated with dirty water while GPS navigation in cars, boats and on family farms has helped people get there way when lost. There is also the air quality monitor that is capable of separating different gases in the atmosphere and can also inform the percentage of gas within the atmosphere. This is useful to people who mine below the ground level to be able to establish the amount of oxygen in their working place. There are also other technological tools and equipments developed with the help of the space program that have become useful and life enhancing.

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In the medical field, the digital hearing aids have been developed to helped those with hearing problems, there is the miniature heart pumps, cancer detection device has also helped to advancing medical knowledge in cancer detection and treatment. There is also the biosensor that can be used to detect diseases causing bacteria and viruses within a person's body therefore helping in early prevention and treatment. There are many other equipments developed with the help of the space program that has helped medical officers detect diseases while in there early stages and treating them early to avoid death and permanent disabilities.

Through the space program we have been able to learn more about our home planet and how best to safeguard and protect it due to improved software and imaging developed from the space program. Space technology is responsible for many other environmentally friendly products. Last but not least exploration of space will provide humanity with an answer to whether we are the only living creatures in the world or if there are other forms of life beside those of earth. In addition, studying astronauts in the microgravity of space has been the only means of understanding how gravity affects human development and health here on Earth. It is highly probable that, in this century, humans will settle on other planets. Our ability to explore and sustain human presence there will not only expand Earth's access to mineral resources but, should the need arise; provide alternative habitats for humanity's survival.

Human beings will continue to explore space; the challenge is to be sure if they accomplish meaningful exploration. But from the evidence of the past we can be satisfied that all the money used is not in vain.  Addressing global challenges with space solutions that benefit humanity is the key to justifying the cost of space exploration. I suppose we are about to find out, all over again, if civil space capability and policy can become accustomed and rise to meet new challenges in the future.

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