In this section we would be discussing how Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is useful when tracking and screening the potential candidates. There was a time when resumes used to pile up in the departments of human resource.  There were many applications for a job in the airline industry. One way was to invite via mail. This leads to massive paper collection. After the advent of internet, this process went over the emails. The companies were still very much stressed as to what to do.

The companies have now moved towards Applicant tracking system which forms an integral part of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The today’s system not only just collect web-based resumes and applications, they also perform three more functions. The system drops the applicant who is unable to meet the minimum requirements, aids in screening and testing applicants online, and it helps in unfolding hidden talents within the applicants. The system has preprogrammed tests, psychological assessments, skill based tests, etc. all these help in furnishing a better result not only for the Airline Company but also for the applicant itself. Ultimately productivity increases within the organization (Dessler, 217, 2005).

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Knowledge Management is defined as the wisdom which when applied results in the generation of techniques, information and facts in a particular field. When we talk about Knowledge Management is the perspective of Human Resource Management System, we mean the formation, sharing and employment of knowledge so that the individual and groups working in a company can be benefited. In this section we would be determining how Knowledge Management System is beneficial for the Human Resource of Airline Industry (articlebase, 1, 2009).

If Knowledge Management is implemented, it would provide a foundation to build an IT framework. This would help in managing the human capital and create a knowing enterprise or learning organization. This is because Knowledge Management is an ongoing process. Knowledge Management revolves around sharing of knowledge. This sharing is only possible if an IT structure exists in an industry. Appropriate technological support should be present so that the benefits of Knowledge Management can be extracted by the Human Resource Managers of Airline Industry (articlebase, 1, 2009).

Our analysis has concluded us that in today’s world, where the business is more competitive and going through the period of post recession, every company is striving to sustain. Airline Industry is no exception. Over the past few years, this is industry has adopted various technologies, either for marketing, finance or Human Resource department. The focus is now shifting towards Human Resource Information system as companies are realizing that it is the employees that need to be monitored. The operation of the company would be better off if the employees are productive and efficient.

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