Every one of us belongs to a distinct environment and it is from it that we draw life's most important provisions like oxygen and water.  An environment refers to the settings in which we reside and work. Since time immemorial, environmental conservation issues have been of great international concern. I am concerned that most people are ignorant on what environmental conservation entails but then it defeats logic that most of them are culprits when it comes to littering their environments.

In economic theory, an externality is a non-quantifiable effect of an economic activity. Environmentalists argue that the world anticipates an environmental predicament to be brought about by global warming. The argument behind this thought stems from a fact that effects of global warming are not felt by the individuals and organizations who contribute to it the most but the entire world. Most industrial outfits never inculcate the damages they cause to the environment. They must allocate part of their earnings to global warming efforts (Houghton, 2004).

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Environmental pollution comes in many ways some that we often ignore. For instance, disposal industrial waste into water mass ends up contaminating and making it harmful for consumption and inhabitable for aquatic life. It also consists of excessive noise which amounts to noise pollution. Furthermore, there is an issue of air pollution as a result of emission of poisonous gases by factories and incomplete combustion of petroleum engines. Pollution has been going on for a long time and it is high time that we, as humanity, took it upon ourselves to exhaustively address it.

Environmental conservation begins from a simple effort by every individual. It involves people sacrificing their resources to join hands in ensuring that the environment is clean and safe. It has been argued by environmental experts and economist that for man and his activities to exist into an indefinite future, there should be environmental sustenance. This is because the environment offers man a platform for efficiency and effectiveness (Ghosh, 2008).

Conservation and maintenance of the environment is important to me because it has many benefits.  The world is going to be conducive for all living things and particularly, the future of humanity is guaranteed. Proper conservation also implies that we shall be able to maintain balanced and natural ecological conditions.

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