Key challenges of modern advertising firms

Creativity is defined as the phenomenon where an individual or groups of individuals come up with new ideas of handling a particular activity in order to gain an advantage over other competitors. The growing competition in the advertising industry is seen as the powerful driving force of creativity, which has resulted in diverse methods of promoting products, and creates a cutting edge of a company over others (Rickards, et al 2008). The major responsibility of advertising is to motivate a business, to bring together capabilities and styles from different corners of the world to aid organizations to market their commodities as well as services (Deuze 2008). Advertising has also been used in areas such as political fields, artistic works, religious matters, and organizations, which may not be profit-oriented. It relays the information in order to inform us about a particular product. Advertising has continued to experience transition as the market continues to experience change with the evolution of latest media but it is facing challenges that are likely to renew the responsibilities of advertising in the world of business (Caves 2006).

The cardinal responsibilities of advertising are informing and entertaining but anticipations from advertising firms can include going far beyond these duties. Customers are becoming more enlightened about all things and to go a mile ahead getting informed that they require it through other means apart from the internet (Deuze 2008). While advertising may be seen as entertainment, its duty is getting difficult day by day for the same reasons. Individuals used to reading journals, also listen to radios and become more informed than they require. (Howkins 2002). Coming up with an advert that will make somebody to smile and admire the product is no mean business nowadays. Getting people engaged is proper responsibility of advertising that will probably need to be innovated to target the future by exploring areas like consumer societies, material and consumer encounters on latest trends (Hartley 2005).

The outward appearance of advertising in the customers' eyes is not impressive as in the past and for many reasons, which cannot be controlled by advertising firms (Roodhouse 2006). Change in marketing trends, delivery services which are not good, have little or no influence on the results from business and many other things have added on the tattered image of advertising firms in general (Caves 2006). The most likely challenge as far as image is concerned is the approach in business that advertising firms have acquired. Customer services are being insulted and end up being something far from advertising (Hesmondhalgh 2007).

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Changes in market and crises in economy are exerting pressure on all areas and different organizations and this is putting advertising firms in a big dilemma of coming up with better ways of advertising (Dant 1999). Firms have to choose between reducing their size and re-inventing their methods of advertising in order to survive for another fifty or so years. Desperate measures will require exceptional methods for this to be achieved. This could be the best time for advertising firms to review the whole process of advertising especially if they do not have any other way to go about it. They can start addressing old ways, arrange and regulate and as much as possible try to come up with new ways that can assist the industries to come after them (Hesmondhalgh 2007).

Some advertising firms are still struggling with the old ways of advertising their products. These include the use of journals, newspapers, and radios. In most cases nowadays, people are much easily hooked up through online means of advertising. However, internet advertising does not mean spending money on banners is coming with rewards (Deuze, 2007). The internet is facing the same problems with same adverts on television where persons are doing away with unnecessary adverts. Advertising is done on the internet in order to deliver messages to potential customers with an aim of connecting persons online (Holt & Perren 2009). Some of the methods include online-classified advertising, network social advertising, and adverts through e-mail. Although faced with a few problems, some benefits come with this such as the message is delivered to the targeted group with same traits this is done through e-mail. It also enables advertising firms to reach many people who are targeted globally (Hartley 2005). Through this, a small company, which is offering services, can be in a position to market itself and eventually become major player in the market (Roodhouse 2006).

Other challenges faced by advertising are the possibility of raising contradictions within the political environment in which they operate. This usually arises especially when the media use ways that are not morally acceptable and this will ultimately crate tension on the production and consumption of the product they intend to promote (Dant 1999). Creation of symbols is another challenge faced by advertising firms, which is influenced by the dynamics of social relation and cultural production of goods and services. Texts messages used in advertising sometimes create ambiguous scenarios among the consumers thus failing to achieve the intended purpose of creating the idea (Holt & Perren 2009).

The challenges faced by the advertising firms sometimes results in sales loss or failure to achieve the intended purpose. The government may also interfere with the operational activities of the participating companies through thorough vetting in order to provide quality and acceptable adverts to the society (Deuze, 2007). This has resulted in the evolution of the digital age of advertising, a clear indication that creativity is the core factor being considered by any firm engaging in this activity. For a company to market its products, it must first take into consideration the creativity of the means they intend to use thus being sure to gain a mileage beyond its competitors (Hartley 2005).

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