Negotiation in business entails a dialogue aimed at reaching an agreement to determine an outcome that will be favorable on a given course of action. It is viewed as bargaining to attain individual or collective advantage. Negotiation happens in many places like government agencies, legal proceedings and many other organizations. There are specialized professional negotiators who deal with various aspects of negotiation. To this effect, there are those who described as successful while others are average negotiators and the two have differences in behavior (Barkman, 1).

The first outstanding difference is that average negotiators successful negotiators seek to know information two times more than an average negotiator. A successful negotiator will therefore look for more facts, clarifications and opinions from the other party while at the same time being very attentive to understand the reasons behind the other party’s behavior.  

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According to Barkman (1) the second difference is that successful negotiators use much of their time summarizing and testing understanding. These two undertakings ensure that the contents of other meetings are clearly restated and ensure that the negotiations are maintained on track other than ensuring giving a degree of control. It will make sure that all the needs and interests of opposing sides are understood. This is however not witnessed with average negotiators for they frequently avoid clarification of ambiguous statements for fear of disagreement.

Barkman (2) outlines lastly that when it comes to feelings, successful negotiators give them about twice more than average negotiators. Giving feelings is exposing information about internal feelings and thoughts. Successful negotiators are not emotional but sometimes they make comments concerning their personal feelings where necessary.

Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforcement activities should be expanded. This is because there are some employers, particularly those with shoestring budget, who initiate their own regulation concerning workplace safety. Therefore government monitoring of workplace safety is vital to prevent employees from exposing their workers to various occupational hazards (Lebednik, 1). The expansion of OSHA’s enforcement activities will help crack down those employers who consistently ignore regulations and endangers their employees improving the working conditions of workers.

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