Phonics skills taught and Objectives of the lesson

Students will given graphic organizers to help reinforce character traits are adjectives and not an adjective that describes how someone looks. They all have the same text, and will be using their pencils as well as some white board instruction for reinforcement. The main goal of the lesson is to encourage students to want to read. I intend to include a text that introduces the skill in the lesson or sets the stage. This must be, challenging, developmentally appropriate and engaging. I will provide students with an opportunity to control letters/words/ sounds and to experience constant revelation to the skills being taught. I will include a game that will allow my twenty students have repeated exposure to the skills, and allow them practice in a favorable learning environment.  The students must master the skills being taught based on the assessment of the skill. 

Introducing the Skill

I will introduce lesson in a synthetic, high quality and systematic manner that will, map incremental succession in phonic skills and knowledge. This will enable me track learners’ progress and assess for further explanation. It will also help me identify initial difficulties, so that suitable support can be provided. The students have already been exposed to the vocabulary used in "Allie's Basketball Dream"   They have also been exposed to character traits from the previous language lesson. I will now tell the students that today we are now going to reread the story and discuss how the characters are alike and different.

Practicing the Skill

First, I will write the names of the characters on the board. They are Allie, Allie's Dad, Keisha, Dad and a group of boys.  In this way the class is identifying similarities and differences of the characters.   During the rereading of the text  my students do not find this to be a punitive strategy as they know rereading helps us to understand hard words, find words and sentences that may have been skipped.  Since this a very high-interest text they will find it fun as they can go over their favorite parts.  They know that it supports their comprehension during and after reading.  Another strategy that will be used is retelling the story to monitor how much they remember.  That is, they need to recall the detail about the characters.  For instances, they will name the main character and problems she faces.  They can also recall the important events.  They will be encouraged to offer connections between the characters and events in their own life. I will model fluent reading by reading aloud to the students. Also, I will activate prior knowledge this will activate schema and help them connections to the text.   Also in the classroom there will be visual or graphic organizers to reinforce the concept of characters. I have always found that there is high student interest in this text.  The reason being the themes of Allie's Basketball Dream which is self-esteem, sports (playground basketball is very popular in our school).  Also the main character, Allie, is a positive role model for students as she proves herself and sticks with her dream of playing basketball even when it provides to be difficult for her. Additionally, I will ask four students to take role play to demonstrate the most interesting anecdotes. This will be done by alternating students who will be randomly selected.

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Blending, that is synthetic phonics will help me teach those with pronunciation problems as it takes off the process a reader goes through to pronounce a word. Once a learner has learned to match letter sounds with letter names, he will use this knowledge to pronounce words. This will be enabled by the repeated blending of separate sounds to reach at the complete word. Learners should exercise to automaticity the blending sounds in writing words and written words when I pronounce the individual sound. 

Assessment of the skill learnt

Our bonus spelling word is tenacious, and it is a very fitting word for Allie.  This text also effectively exposes the class to diversity in gender roles.  It will be a great to all children who have problems with self-confidence.  It is one of my favorite texts in our reading series, and my "dream" is that I effectively teach it.  Word Analysis Assessments will be done with all learners and more emphasis put on those having consistent problems decoding words. I currently have three ADHD students in my class, as well as 3 El. I will start with an unofficial assessment of sounds and letters. Using the lower case letters of the alphabet, I will point in unsystematic order to various syllables tell the leaner to pronounce the sound. This will help me know whether the learner knows them all. They should be able to pronounce automatically without hesitation.


The text is appropriate level for the students to practice and apply the phonic skills and knowledge they will have learnt. However, I do not expect the learners to use strategies such as whole pictures, whole word recognition, whole cues from the context or totally correct grammar.

Informal Word Analysis Inventory

Decoding (reading)

  1. Provide each learner with a copy of the inventory and give them clear instructions that they should read the words in each column.
  2.  Mark the words pronounced correctly in the teachers inventory copy on the reading column
  3. The responses on the Teacher’s copy shows the words and syllables the students are able to pronounce and those that they are unable.
  4. Plan the instructions targeting the combinations that each learner has difficult in pronouncing and some which the learner knows clearly to encourage them.

Spelling (Encoding):

  1. For spelling,. Read the words in the inventory copy and ask the learners to write them on their books.
  2. Mark the correct words and record in the teacher’s copy in the spelling column.

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